When training the Bayesian filters for SpamAssassin, be very careful about using sa-learn on your active IMAP inbox. Most IMAP clients don’t actually delete messages until they synchronize the mbox. So, after deleting around a hundred Spams, I ran sa-learn over my inbox and SpamAssassin happily learned all of the Spams I had marked deleted as Ham (non-Spam).

Since it was a few hours before I realized what had happened when the incoming Spam getting by SpamAssassin increased tenfold, it was too late to run sa-learn over the old Spams because they had already been truly deleted.

I had to wipe my Bayesian database and start over. No big deal; just inconvenient.

I suck.

Barracuda Spam Firewall

Description (
The Barracuda Spam Firewall is an integrated hardware and software solution for complete protection of your e-mail server. It provides a powerful, easy to use, and affordable solution to eliminate spam and viruses from your organization.

Under normal circumstances, the Barracuda Spam Firewall only relays traffic for domains it is configured for. If a sender’s domain or the Barracuda’s own domain is whitelisted, however, all rules are bypassed and the Barracuda becomes an open relay for all e-mail sent from the whitelisted domain. This is unacceptable behavior, and whitelisted senders should only be able to send e-mail to domains for which the Barracuda is configured to relay.

Effected Versions:
= Firmware 3.1.11 Fixed (Firmware 3.1.12 Released 02/09/2005)
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