macos Big Sur 11.1 — ERROR: Failed to build gem native extension.

A while ago sudo gem update started throwing the following error: This wasn’t a big deal, as I wasn’t doing any any active ruby development, but it was still a minor annoyance. Missing directories reported in mkmf.log hinted at the cause: Searching for fixes resulted in a bunch of dangerous cargo-culted answers suggesting to curl […]

We Hire Bloggers Who Immediately Stop Blogging

Years ago in 2007, when I first joined Canonical as a staffer, I attended their yearly in-person all-hands meeting during my second week of employment. During the opening plenary, after the icebreaker where all new employees were asked to stand up and explain the history of their IRC pseudonym, the presenter lamented, “We hire bloggers […]

Create Shell Scripts to Implement Your Own Local Fix for Poor App UI/UX

Repository: Sean Sosik-Hamor’s Snippets-Collection on – I’ve recently started submitting summary posts to to expand my journalism portfolio for Hamor Photography in Pelham, NH. But, like many web-based services, the web app doesn’t implement the same feature set as the smartphone app and vice versa. More frustratingly, neither app seems to allow […]

Configuring a TFTP server on Ubuntu for switch upgrades and maintenance

Note: Community TFTP documentation is on the Ubuntu Wiki but this short guide adds extra steps to help secure and safeguard your TFTP server. Every Data Centre Engineer should have a TFTP server somewhere on their network whether it be running on a production host or running on their own notebook for disaster recovery. And […]

Is Google Chrome running obscenely slow on your obscenely expensive Mac Pro or Retina MacBook Pro with 4K or UHD monitor? Fear not…

My shiny Mac Pro just arrived along with a pair of Dell 28 Ultra HD (P2815Q) Monitors (2160p). I anxiously plugged everything in, fired up Google Chrome, and waited…and waited…and waited…and waited. The dreaded spinning pinwheel of death greeted me and it took minutes for each page to load. Not even the chrome://settings/ or chrome://version/ pages would load. Chrome was basically unusable. […]