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The Litterbox has been re-launched

The Litterbox, one of my first domains, used to be a Web site dedicated to domestic pet rescue and care. After a few years of operation quite a few other sites like popped up that did a much better job of what my wife Kelly and I were trying to accomplish as a hobby in our spare time. So we emptied The Litterbox six or seven years ago and it had been sitting collecting dust since then.

But what good is an empty litterbox? Litterboxes should be full! So a few days ago I filled The Litterbox back up with what else but cat pee. Enjoy.

naymz allows you to control your online identity

Naymz Profile for Sean Sosik-Hamornaymz, a new online identity service, claims to allow you to control your online identity. The premise is that search engines may still be linking to incorrect, outdated, or embarrassing data. naymz allows you to create a profile that is “guaranteed” to be at the top of search engine results to help prospective employers and dates find the “real you” and to reconnect with old friends.

They do more than just protect you…

One of my co-workers called me over to his desk this afternoon to show me an e-mail thread that had been bouncing around between a few of his family members. It went something like this:

Original E-mail:

Save those old phone bills!

If you can’t access those articles for some reason, you can Google phone tax Spanish and get several articles that tell about the decision to end the 108-year-old tax that had been implemented to help pay for the Spanish-American war.

Bottom line – you may be able to get refunds on taxes paid. 3% – may be worth it to you. I don’t know how much hassle will be involved.

According to the USA Today article, you can file for refunds back to 3/1/03 (2003, not 1903).

Response #1:

Crap! I just shredded all of those.

Response #2:

Call up NSA – they should have the records [VBG]

Werd. I love the Internet.

A bucketful of quickies

Some people sleep on the job while others camp out in the parking lot; at any given time over my lunch hour there are half a dozen or more people snoozing away taking their siesta in their cars. The Interdictor is still standing strong and holding down the fort even after a group of overzealous troops from the 82nd Airborne decided to poke at him with M4-A1s. UnDutchables 0.2.3 has been released which deprecates Wasia B7.1. And Trunkmonkey Racing is still seeking sponsorship.

I’d love a fake Rolex, just not from you…

I was the only kid in Junior High School with a Rolex. Of course it was purchased from a desperate street vendor in the middle of a torrential downpour in NYC who marked it down from $500 to a bargain $15, but that’s besides the point. With that said, that fake Rolex was the best watch I ever owned. Dead-on accuracy, pimping style, and it outlived my copious collection of Swatch, Timex, and Casio timepieces. The Rolex eventually disappeared, and I’m quite sure where it went; probably tossed away and forgotten in a box or bin somewhere in my Mom’s basement.

Regardless, the recent influx of spam for genuine replica Rolexes piqued my interest, so I started doing Web searches. I’d never purchase from a spammer, but spam routinely tickles my interest to search for a product elsewhere. It was during this exploration of my curiosity that I ran across Replica Center, a Web site that lists and rates fake Rolex suppliers and hobbyists. Not that I’m in the market right now, but it amused me to track down the cheap Chinese knockoff I used to proudly wear as an adolescent.

So, if you’re in the market to pimp out your wrist, ignore the spam; most of them are scammers anyway.