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Error stuff.

Retarded error of the week award!

And this week’s retarded error of the week goes to Evidence Eliminator…a piece of bunk that I won’t even grace with a URL for fear of some poor sap actually purchasing it. While randomly surfing I ran across a popup that fired this wonderful piece of prose.

Clicking either OK or Cancel brings you to the same URL that goes through a silly JavaScript dialog box that attempts to prove that they’re actually scanning your system by displaying your IP address and ISP and then displaying fake errors and warnings for keywords allegedly found on your system. Bunch of zoomtards.

Domain Support Group

This entry has nothing to do with the car; it is simply search engine fodder. I received a cold call on my mobile phone from the Domain Support Group trying to scam me into accepting information regarding “important changes to the Internet that effect my domain name”. These guys are simply trying to sell .info, .biz and .us extensions by pressuring .com owners with official sounding legalize.

They also have a bogus “support” page online that attempts to steal users’ logins and passwords for their legitimate domain provider. Fun fun.

Windows 2000 Sucks

Windows 2000 sucks and should be destroyed. Either that or the Dell Inspiron 8000. I’m not sure which is at fault. This is the third hard drive crash in five days. No data was lost in the previous two crashes. Seems that chkdsk is complaining about bad clusters this time, so maybe I won’t be so lucky. I was planning on reloading the OS anyway but I really didn’t want to be “forced” into it. Good thing I backed up everything important and moved everything from the My Documents folder onto the file server yesterday. I’d be screwed without that data.