Decal residuum…

Why is it that companies insist on slathering their products in non-removable paper decals that leave a disagreeable residue behind? This evening I helped Kelly assemble her Fluval 404 for the new fish tank and it was covered in warning decals that were impossible to remove!

Warranty decals. Price labels. Copyright labels. Advertising labels. Open box return labels. One would think that a vinyl or plastic based decal would be used that can actually be removed. But, instead, manufacturing houses take great joy in the fact that customers are tormented with the task of attempting to remove these monstrosities.

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  1. Yeah, but the peanuts clogged up the filter! Ha. I actually use either Goo Gone or WD-40…those seem to work the best for me. Also, since I’m on Atkins Diet and sugar-added peanut butter is a no no, I’d rather not tempt myself by opening up a jar of the stuff.

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