WalMart’s return policy is complete bunk…

So, what happens when you lose the receipt for a pair of unopened $14.97 shorts that you’d like to return to WalMart? They offer you $3.00, take it or leave it. No receipt equals no refund for seasonal items…but the clerk was nice enough to offer me $3.00 for my inconvenience. Sorry, I’ll forego the $3.00 and give away the shorts.

Update (12/18/2004): Since this is one of the most commented on entries on my Blog, I feel the need to make a quick clarification. Yes, I’m an idiot for losing my receipt. Had they simply told me that they couldn’t give me a refund because I lost my receipt I would have been disappointed but I would have understood.

The reason I’m pissed is because instead of just saying “we can’t give you a refund without a receipt” they insulted me by offering me $3.00. It’s the principle of it. I’d rather donate the item to charity than be given $3.00 for a product they’re going to put back on the rack and sell for $14.97.

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  1. Go here: if you want to hear a toe-curling story about how WalMart screwed a 12 year old boy out of $70! And see the photos of us standing outside of WalMart with signs telling the town what an JERK the manager is! Read the letter sent to the newspapers, the Better Business Bureau, and WalMart HQ.

  2. does anyone ever notice the sign at the return counter that says satisfaction guarnted?
    or does anyone who works there remember a little thing called the costumer is always right? or ever had any customer servise training? because at my local wal mart the are all ass holes verry rude and have absolutly no customer service skills.oh yeah and dont ever try to return anyting to wal mart if you have a recipt or not if you d ont look like a yuppie fucker because i go in to try and return and the refuse and argue with me refuse to call a manager per my request. all because i lost the instruction book. yet the yuppie muther fuckers all arround me returning things dont have to have a recipt or the box or book for whatever they are returning. no problem and they are getting cash back. !!!! i hate walmart !!!

  3. The reason I am reading this, is because a just did a google search for this EXACT issue. A little while ago, I went to our lovely wal mart at 11:30 at night to buy a fan since our a/c was out, as I was leaving I was asked for my reciept. All of the registers on the side of the store I parked on were closed, so there was no way in hell that the gonad at the door could have seen me pay for my items. (a 10.00 fan, and a box of mike and ike’s (mike and ike’s are pretty good) )Anyway, I had decided to just go with the program on the my trip previous to wal mart, because I have learned to choose battles carefully usually.
    BUT, this time, I was HOT, tired and my back was killing me. I don’t care for confrontation, but I also wont back down if I feel I am right. The nadman asked for my receipt. I simply told this guy that “here is what I bought and that my receipt was in my wallet and that the items were mine. I simply kept on walking, but what really bothers me is the fact that all the way to my car i’m wondering, is someone going to grab me, or is this going to escalate into something nasty. Now, I am not a small guy (290lbs) and i’m preparing for ~WAR~ if someone touches me. By GOD I’m already in enough pain to damn near “snap”. I just need my fan and candy, sheesh. No one should have to deal with these thoughts and emotions while going to buy a fan and a box of candy. No one should have to timidly be coerced or intimidated into taking their time (time is money and no one pays you while you are standing there with your OWN property digging for your OWN receipt) to prove they paid for something when the fact is: WAL-MART CAN move the open registers to the ends, they can direct customers along a route that lessens the likelyhood (sp?) of someone getting away with theft. They can do things to take the “trouble” off of the customer. BUT, they don’t give a flying shit! For me, because of my size, it’s probably not that big of a deal, but what about our moms, dads, kids, grandparents or anyone else that is easily intimidated or just doesn’t care to say “enough already”. If there was an alternative to wal-mart here in huntsville, tx, i would use it, i’ll be praying for a target.
    I called the manager when i got home to complain. I was told that there was nothing he could do, and that it was corporate policy. I asked him “there is absolutely nothing you can do?” He replied, “no, I cannot change corporate policy”. But the truth is, I know he could do something, maybe it would help, maybe not, but he could report it to his supervisor, or start a complaint database for this sort of thing, or tell employees to try to see what’s going on with the customer’s while they are checking out. ANYTHING, besides -nothing-.
    And here is an interesting page to view concerning wal-mart “security” and a shoplifter dying in their custody recently. Is this what it is all coming to?
    Of course the guy in this story is wrong for shoplifting, but he didn’t deserve what he got.
    Anyway, I encourage EVERYONE in agreement with what we are all saying here to stand up and just say “no thank you, I have already secured my receipt in my purse/wallet and have no desire to get it back out. (or something of that nature). If they touch you (assuming you actually paid for everything, (you might want to double check it at the register) you can seek recourse (battery, interferring with your right to pursue happiness, etc). Here is the link , thanks for reading:

  4. Uh, shop at Costco. Returns? No questions asked. Money on the spot, no “transaction fees.” And they pay their employees a living wage, benefits, even when they only work part time.

  5. This message is towards Joker777 message.

    Dude you must work at Wal-Mart with all the other $6 hr minority,simple minded zombies.

    Let me tell you about my return experiences. Every time I try and return something im expecting the zombie behind the counter to turn on the 100watt bulb and start the interrogation on why im retuning it. I would also like to add every time I have to return something I have to wait in a damn line a mile long because their interrogating the customers and that slows the line down. In close I like to say to the remaining members of the Wal-Mart Eat a Dick!

  6. Last week, Nov. 18 2005 I bought a game boy advance for a Christmas present. This Friday, the 25th it goes on sale from 5am-11am for HALF the price I paid. I called and asked if I brought in the gameboy and my receipt could I get the difference of the price I paid and the sale price that morning. Save them and me the hassle of returning it and then going in the back and buying a new one. The lady had a major attitude with me..said “We can’t do that ma’’ll have to wait in line like everyone else” I had called earlier and the girl told me there is a 7 day same price policy..but I wasn’t sure the date I bought it. So that is why I was calling back..I looked at my receipt and realized it was 7 days..Anyways, I ask this lady “So what is your policy then as far as getting the sale price” ..she said we dont have one..I said so I can come in and return it and then go in the back and buy a new one? She said “as long as they have have to wait in line like everyone else”..she seemed ticked off at me even thinking I could get a sale refund…Does anyone know if this is the policy? If so it was no big deal..I’ll go return it and buy a new one…

  7. not all gift cards can expire in the state of ct its the law that gift cards cannot expire and if they do the store can get fined for it some states have laws against that save recepts i work for targs and if u pay by check credit or debt and lost ur recept we can look it up for u in the system otherwise no recept no return. or we can take it back and u will get the lowest sale price on the item store credit for that department so a womens shirt returned for 11$ would get u an exchage for a womens shirt or pants in womens department. sounds lame but its policey

  8. Well I bought a game at walmart and later found out it wouldn’t work on my pc, so took it to return and the lady said I couldn’t return games if I’d opened them, and I told her I hadn’t opened it and she pointed out that the little tape thing was lose.. So I couldnt return it because I didnt pay attention to when I bought it that the sticker was lose.. stupid. They must have changed their policy, because I know I have returned a game before that was open even and they gave me full refund. I think it just how strict the one certian worker is.

  9. Some of you people really are pathetic, especially the guy who is above showing his reciept at the door. It’s the person at the door’s JOB to check your receipt, if you have a problem with his JOB, contact someone at CORPORATE who can resolve policy, not a store manager. You’re upset that someone did their job, and that a MANAGER can’t alter corporate policy to fit your ego – get a life. I’m glad you took your crusade to a message board, rather than contact someone who can do something – but I guess expecting a manager to do all the legwork for you is a better approach, especially when someone is being as level-headed as you are.

    For the record, you’re lucky. The store I work PART-TIME in – yes, part-time while I go to school, not every employee is a welfare mom – has security at the door after 10, just for grade A pricks like you. Anyone who refuses to stop is ordered to do so repeatedly before security STOPS YOU(and they would, tough guy). Grow up and get over yourself.

    Keep your receipts people, and dont expect to get a refund if you let your kid play with a toy for a couple days before bringing it back (yes, people do that and ADMIT to it, and still expect a refund). If something goes on clearance and you don’t have you’re’re SOL, unless someone at the service desk is very nice.

    It’s obvious most of you look down on the people that are HELPING you, which is pathetic. As someone who’s done all types of demeaning work while in school to pay for tuition, I can gaurantee you that the employee treats you like you treat them. If you’re demanding and angry, you’re going to get a big glass of ‘forget you’ from the associates in the form of ‘policy’. Be honest and friendly, EXPLAIN the situation(dont shout it), and you’re probably going to get what you wanted. All the things people leave at registers gets claimed at the end of the night for a loss – so Wal-Mart is not afraid of taking losses into the thousands each night at each store, just to make the customer happy. If you think they’re trying to screw you for you’re 10 dollars, get a clue – they’re trying to stop theft and fraud. If you didn’t keep you’re receipt, that’s you’re fault and you should be happy if they’re willing to take it.

  10. walmart food gaurantee is double your money back for out of date items you may have inadvertantly purchased. i got a $40 big ham and while doublechecking my bag before leaving the store i noticed the ham was past the sell by date. i marched up to the customer service desk and was cheerfully given $80 …beat that!

    Just today I called earlier this AM to talk to a gal in the baby dept about my baby monitor after 2 weeks conking out on us /defective wise ( Safety 1st) She said “BRING IT UP NO QUES’S ASKED & GET A NEW ONE” SO! while visiting a NE OHIO Walmart store…@ customer service one of cashiers said I will even exchange this baby monitor but go get another one and bring it up here …so I did …when I returned I gave her glady my ID and she punched in my Dr Lic # , SHE SPIT OUT 2 other returns w/out a receipt ?! I came to find out that you are only allowed THREE returns w/out a receipt within 12 months time period. I was shocked! & then she said ” I NEED AN OVERIDE” really loudly and everyone turned & looked at me.I felt like a criminal because following that was the cashier supervisor looking back at me with a *WTF-LOOK on her face* because she had to actually do some work ( sorry it did seem as if I was bothering her to come out of her way back over to put in a key & press a couple buttons). SO! I asked what is wrong she said loudly again ” Ma’am this is your last return without a receipt for the year, due to having 2 others in the past 6 mo’s”…I said thats not possible I have been out of town and SAVE everything & my receipts. THIS item is a DEFECT and from my baby registry just pull that registry up in your system?! She wouldn’t and said ” I am not lying ma’am ” I said ” didnt say you were! I am trying to say thats not my items before there you show!”…she said SOMEONES USING YOUR ID THEN MA’AM?!

    Not! I highly doubt it – but I said whatever can I have that paper receipt with that msg on it? so I kept it —I dont understand why this had to go towards a return without a receipt? because…it was a gift and on my registry there in the store and ! it was a defective item I called ahead on! ugggh these stores. IT DOES MAKE IT BAD FOR US HONEST PEOPLE – WHOMEVER TYPED THAT ABOVE!

  12. PS Do not get me started on TARGET issues — PLEA THE 5th!

    An incident this past xmas 06 , bought an item in november of 06 on a gift card , yes*** bought a couple xmas gifts with it to save on cash! THought I’d be clever – NOT! Didnt save the card handed it to the cashier , she took it and threw it out for me. I didnt keep the receipt I KNOW I KNOW MY FAULT , whatever.

    So! bought two items for my son , and one item for a neighbor we know ( womans shirt) it was on clearance!

    Gave it to her at xmas , five days later she emails asking me for a receipt for her to return it ” it doesnt fit right” I was HURT in a sense lol but learned a lession in DEED! Never buy clothing for friends.
    LANDED UP never getting her a new shirt beause it was on clearance TO WHIH I TOLD HER! she tried to take it back but two targets told her NOWAY. YOU NEED YOUR GIFT CARD # or the receipt and she said even exchange? they said NOPE! so I made a complaint with corporate , they told me to go POUND SALT And too bad sorry go away.

    never again unless its tangible items or food items I will not buy things there anymore.

  13. I recently attempted to retuen some icicle Christmas lights that were not working on our house. I had the original receipt and credit card the purchase was made too. It had been only a week. I was told they could not return or exchange these lights as they had been used. I said yes on my house and they did not consistently work. We had already tried new fuses, breakers and changing the light bulbs before we went back on the roof to take them down. WALMART POLICY says RETURNS IN NINETY DAYS WITH RECEIPT. I am calling my credit card company as we speak to question the charge there has to be some way to get my money back. I too spent alot of money every month in this store and will not continue to do so.

  14. I live over 1 hour away from walmart, but had to go for lab work on April 11th, only 5 minutes away, so bought a HP lightscribe recorder, just in case Sam’s club didn’t have any, which is often the case with many items, hit and miss. I did find a memorex lightscribe in Sam’s for $45, so planned to return the $70 one to walmart when I went for my follow-up appointment,which was today. I figured just show the lady as I entered, let her put the little tag, proceed to walk 5 steps to the service desk and return the charge to my visa. I was told I had to go first to electronics, so I took off that way. When I proudly presented my receipt, I was told that I was too late, there was only 15 days to return it, and Apr 11 would be a month tomorrow, which I realized. Maybe it showed on my face that I was about ready to go off, so they called someone above the manager, and as I waited (over 10 min) for him or her, They didn’t come but returned the call in electronics, and had him prying on and inspecting all the seals, and by then I am telling him in no uncertain terms that I had not opened it and he was the one that pried the plastic loose, not me and I only returned it because I got one at sam’s for half the price (getting loud by this time) He finally signed the receipt and I headed back up front, only to have the item scrutinized again (after my time yet another line) by the service counter clerk, especially the part of the seal he had forcefully tampered with, but said nothing further. The funny part is that when I bought it a month ago, there was only one on the shelf, and the seal was cut, so I told them that I would take one, but not with the seal gone, which entailed a ten minute wait for the manager to go to the warehouse for a good one. I am curious to know if they actually do get customers gullible enough to buy that crap. I do not believe it is coincidence only that one was avaliable. So all is well now, but that place will never get thier hooks in me again.

  15. I work at walmart, I love seeing people steal. After working at Bestbuy for four years in loss prevention I know how to spot them. But really, Walmart makes millions and millions and millions of dollars every month. So long story short, Ive never stopped anyone. I just lol and smile, If you steal from Walmart you dont steal from me or anyone. walmart marks there shit up 350-600%. Pocket it. You deserve it. always

  16. I am curious how many lost children Walmart stores have actually helped to recover? Two panels of pictures at both entrances in Sap town USA.

    But hell with people trying to help lost animals find their way home.

    I walked in with a flyer to help a dog find his owners. Walmart service counter employees just look at you with their brainless expressions. Greeter at door “well I go to customer service, I’m not really sure where you could put up flyer”. (Put up a bulletin board in back of store like Atwoods does………NOTHING ALLOWED ON WINDOWS.

    Thumbs down to Quik Trip too…….I was told no to my flyer there too. By the way Tulsa and Sap town……Quik Trip regulates our gas prices…..what they sell for all others are to follow. JUST A HEADS UP.

    Guess I will have a bulletin board on wheels, because of such inconsiderate s***s in this part of my world.

  17. this is exactly what i wrong with walmart thay pay so little thet the only people that work there are loosers like this. Im not sayin people dont rip walmart off but you jackasses think that everyone is doing it and so you treat everyone like crap i always have a recept when i return somthing but 90% of the time i get some total looser like yourself who hates his job and hates himself and because of that you hate all the customers to,you should go back to school so you can work for more then minimum wage and so you can stop being that asshole at the desk.

  18. What an ass! Walmart employees are not mindless idiots. We work hard for our earnings. What pisses us off is when people go to the stores and steal a bunch of shit and then come back a few days later claiming they lost the receipt for whatever reason. We lose money each time that happens. And guess where that comes from? Our bonuses. Its bad enough we have to show up to work and deal with customers who complain about the stupidest shit and you want to reduce our earnings too? Bullshit!! We don’t make that much to begin with. Its insulting!
    Take it, not everyone that returns an item is a thief, but that’s why the employees seem to interigate each customer on their returns. We want to minimize our losses.
    We also have customers who buy stuff and then try to return it 2yrs later cause all of a sudden the item quit working. You only have 3 months to return most items. Even fewer days for electronic items. Nobody wants to go through the manufacturer for replacement or repair so they go back to walmart to try to return it for at least store credit. Normally, to please the customer, theyre given a replacement. Alot of time at our expense. Manufacterers have requirements for a valid return and each time the return doesn’t meet those requirements the company takes it as a loss.
    All of yall who say its in your policy to satisfy the customer. Yes thats on there but it also clearly states returns are for items WITH receipt. No where does it say we have to accept items without receipt. And walmart reserves to right to deny any return without a receipt.
    The service desk employees dont really care whether or not you return something. They care in the sense that if they complete a return that wasn’t suppose to be valid then they could be reprimanded. They can get coached for it and after so many coachings they get fired. Which is why they have to stick to the return policy. Theyre just doing their job, trying not to get fired.
    And for the guy who had an issue with the greeter asking for his receipt on his way out: We have customers on a daily basis who walk in and try to walk out without paying for things ALL THE TIME. As part of walmart’s loss prevention they ask for a receipt for any item that isn’t bagged. As a rule of thumb if your items aren’t in a bag, keep your receipt out till AFTER you’ve left the store. Saves you time and aids us in catching the real thieves by not wasting our time on stubborn people who believe that we should believe that ‘everyone is an honest person.’

  19. Yes. Copyright laws doesn’t allow for the refund of an openned pc, video game, or music cd. What alot of people used to do was to make a copy and then return it for something different only to copy that, and then eventually return it to get their money back. So in the end they had copies of all the titles they took home and paid nothing for it. You can pretty much have working copies of anything these days. with maybe needing somekind of crack code for certain games to make them functional. So the law’s put an end to that by enforcing the copyright law. The only thing walmart does is if its not working properly or defective they offer a replacement of the EXACT same title.

  20. Purchased an Ipod at Walmart. Brought it home for my son. Before he opened it he pointed out it was 8gb, not 16gb. I bring it back to Walmart with my receipt, but because a piece of gum got stuck to the “TC”, whatever that is, they could not allow me to return the item. All the other information including the item number and price, date, time, everything else was ledgible. The receipt even says Apple Ipod Nano and has the price on it, what else do they need? I didn’t even want the cash back, i just wanted to spend an extra $30 to get my kid the bigger one. And they think we are crooked, what a rip off.

  21. I actually work at customer service at a Walmart super center. Those of you who are complaining clearly have no idea what you are talking about. Walmart doesn’t hide it’s policy; just search online. With regards to open media; take it up with the FCC. Its not a Walmart policy, it is a federal law. Those people standing behind the desk are human beings. Don’t yell at us, it doesn’t help you or me. What is so difficult about keeping your reciept? I can understand if it is a five-dollar item; but if you buy a tv, why would you throw away the reciept? By tossing it in the trash you are also throwing away whatever warranty you have with the manufacturer.

  22. Anti piracy law fake.The law says nothing about stores not being able to take back an open dvd,blu ray,game,etc.

  23. For the guy saying ” he works there and they and he will STOP you if you don’t stop ” your a fucking idiot , the law and wallyworlds rules are that you cannot touch me , and if you do I have a legal right to bust your face for putting your hands on me , your not cops , not even security , your loss prevention control , wich means u watch cameras and walk around in plain cloths thinking your a FBI agent , so calm down James bond , because the beeper went off one time because the movie I bought didn’t deacrivate like always and they tries to stop me but i just kept walking , you know why because I drive a $60’000 car , and wear a suit to work everyday , and I’m not some rent a cop making $8 an hour who thinks they are bad , and I’m not a thief , so I’d I’m not guilty and you don’t have a badge u won’t get me to stop and if you touch me and try to make me not only will you end up on your ass but you will hear from my attorney and loose your precious $8 an hour job , “TOUGH GUY “

  24. Dear Shannon
    Thank you for writing back. It has taken me this long to calm down and able to respond to your letter.When I got home from Walmart and ask my daughter for the receipt and telling her about my day . We found the receipt that was in question and many more that was for the past 2 weeks worth of shopping at Walmart. I totaled up my receipts and it came up to a grand totaled of $599.16 Dollars that is just for 2 weeks worth of food and miscellaneous items. Not only was I upset about not returning the ham one of the mangers suggested that I drive to Tallahassee FL . Were my daughter works and retrieve the receipt from her work. Don’t know what your gas prices are but he in GA they are up to $3.75 a gallon. I live 50 minutes away from her work . So I would have had to drive 40 miles both ways. My daughter and I have decided that shopping at Walmart is not an option . I will take more time every week and go to different stores including a meat market in our small town to purchased our weekly food needs. I am sorry that you have to hear all of this . It was not your fault. This is your job . But do hope you will pass on this message to some one who maybe or can change the no receipt for meat or food no refund. Not sure if this the right # but I will give them to you as I understand them. st#0889 op# 00000145 TE#10 TR 06450. whl picnic 022094801237 F $12.37 Y It is a Smithfield Whole Smoked Picnic Ham. I went to my freezer to make sure I had the ID # correct . I have this ROTTEN HAM wrapped in two plastic bags and the smell of this ham has made my whole freezer smell. The only reason that I still have this ham the manger at Walmart has asked me to bring it back when I have the receipt. I wonder if they would take this to home and put it back in there freezer where they have other food and meat. My # (229)516-2096 Just in case there is any Question all my purchases are in cash. Thank You Judy Calderon

  25. On one occasion I was going to return an item to Walmart, there was a Black woman in her late 30’s holding up the line. She plopped down about 10 men’s belts all the same, about 10 ties, and various pairs of sunglasses, of course no receipt. The cashier seemed pissed off so I asked her why when I got to returning my stuff. She told me ” That lady is in here 4-5 days a week. She drives around to different Wal-marts and does this all the time. I thought to myself. Wal-mart outta have a theft tag in the system that can tell if item was ever scanned when purchased. If not then the item is confiscated. In a perfect world that person would be executed on the way out of be store by a sniper. I would pay to see that.
    Just last week I was in Walmart cashing my check when a black gentlemen was in front of me returning an air mattress, tent, and a cooler. The whole time he was in line he wS talking about how great the camping trip was the prior weekend and how funny it was to return all the stuff he already used. Keep in mind, I got off early and it was a Friday at about 1:30pm, no job of course. He gts to the front and the cashier asks him if any of its been used. He says no of curse. So now he is a thief and a liar. A guy near the end of he line spoke up and told the cashier how he was laughing at how all the merchandise had been used. I
    I’ve been in Walmart numerous times and seen loser ass people trying to work the return system. These are the parasites that contribute nothing to society and have never lifted a finger to help a single soul. If I had my way, I would execute every last one of these leeches. They get free rent, free food, they lie, steal, cheat people. Some of them have the nerve to beg for money. Of course if you ask them why they aren’t working they will tell you it’s either a racist excuse or something else totally made-up. These people are lazy. Plain and simple. They don’t want to get out of bed and work. Of course when the camera is on they will always play the race card. Fuckin losers.

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