Batten down the hatches!

Our first Winter storm of the season will be hitting us sometime tomorrow afternoon. NOAA has issued a hazardous weather outlook, a winter storm warning, and a winter storm watch for our area. I guess I’d better panic, run to the store, buy $500 worth of milk and bread, board up the windows, and create an overall unwarranted disturbance. Then, just to make sure I’m following the herd, I better go out and crash my car after the first snowflakes start falling.

mtds644e.jpg Feh. Welcome to New England. Whether we get a foot or three feet, I’m sure the media will be touting this as the storm of the century, just like they do every year. Luckily, we’re just barely into the century/millennium, so just about anything over two feet will top the record books. On the other hand, I can guarantee that this storm will be a flop because we just bought a Yard Machines MTD S644E snow thrower. So you can thank me later when the storm misses us completely.

Regardless, since I have no life whatsoever, I spent the evening preparing the yard for whatever snow we do receive. All loose debris, tools, and perimeter decorative fencing was removed from the driveway and front yard, the swings were brought in, the trellis was tipped over and laid flat on the ground, and all miscellaneous crap was cleaned up and moved out of the prospective path of the snow thrower. I even went as far as to actually test the snow thrower to make sure it was working. After all, spending all afternoon in a potential blizzard trying to fire up a motor would add insult to injury.

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