Sunny Florida!

Kelly and I are taking a mini-vacation this week and will be flying down to Sunny Florida for a few days to visit Dad and Gram. It figures…we’ll be leaving on an unusually warm day. It was 50 today, so who knows how warm it will be tomorrow when we leave.

Once we get to Florida, we’ll be doing the tourist thing, playing with my Dad’s Segway, seeing the sights, then driving home in a free Subaru Legacy that fell out of the sky. Well, not really. Gram sidegraded to a Ford Escort, so I get the Legacy to replace the rally car as my daily driver. On the way home, we’ll be stopping off at Picky Hedgies so Kelly can look at hedgehogs.

So, once we get home, the rally car goes up on jackstands for major surgery. Fun stuff.

Photoshop – IPTC and JPEG Files

When batch modifying XMP and IPTC header codes on JPEG files using the Adobe Photoshop File Browser, a new file is created with a new creation date and the original JPEG is deleted. Since Photoshop does not yet offer lossless JPEG rotation, I was worried that the new JPEG files with attached IPTC header codes may have been recompressed and undergone one step of JPEG degradation.

Luckily, my worries were unfounded, for a quick call to Adobe technical support revealed that IPTC header codes are appended to the file and no image data is changed. The fact that the original file gets deleted and a new file with a new creation date gets created is a known bug that has been logged and Adobe is looking into the problem.

Looking for devices matching vendor ID=1193

If you disconnect your Canon CanonScan LiDE 80, 50, or 30 scanner, be prepared for thousands of logfile entries while the scanner driver searches the USB bus for the scanner.

Looking for devices matching vendor ID=1193 and product ID=8717
Looking for devices matching vendor ID=1193 and product ID=8718

Wonderful. Since I permanently deinstalled the scanner to replace it with an EPSON Perfection 2400, I ended up running the driver delete utility to nuke it from my system.

No more errors. Joy.

Update: Jon Rentzsch seems to agree that the LiDE sucks.

Introducing the Microsoft Powerbook!

microsoftpowerbook.jpgI guess Microsoft loves the Powerbook enough to use it in their advertising. Sure, there’s Office for Mac OS X, but using a Powerbook to promote Microsoft security doesn’t exactly give me the warm fuzzies. I guess Microsoft just really wants to be like Apple.

I’m sure they had a good reason for the faux pas. A lazy art directory who grabbed the first cool photo they could find from a stock photo house, perhaps? Who knows. It is amusing, although not as funny as the Gateway 2000 ad that featured the Powerbook!

A Fistful of CSS Quickies

Not only have I been converted over to the anti-tables camp, but I’m finally starting to learn advanced CSS layout techniques.

If you still need proof that CSS is the fast track to more organized Web development, check out the CSS Zen Garden project. Once you admire the designs, you’ll definitely want to conform to XHTML and CSS Web standards.

Update: A List Apart lists various markup resources, and the New York Public Library has standardized on XHTML and CSS for document presentation. Sure, it’s important to look good, but organization is key!

Is that all you got?

Quite a few years ago, when I was living in the Mission Hill combat zone just outside of Boston, I was a Full Body Cast member of the Cambridge Rocky Horror Picture Show. In and of itself, that fact should have classified me as a pervert, but I had the distinct honor of meeting someone who far surpassed my own perversions while walking to a cast party one crisp October evening in the Fall of 1994.

A few blocks from Harvard Square, I ran into a rather intoxicated transvestite. Or, more accurately, he ran into me. After exchanging pleasantries and listening to a highly amusing diatribe about UFOs and gender inversion rays, my newfound friend lifted up his skirt to demonstrate how he was forced to tuck his penis between his legs to emulate his previous feminine heritage now that he’d been turned into a man.

Without skipping a beat, the friend I was walking with blurted out, “so, are you a Eunuch, or is it just cold out here?”

Unfortunately, her wit was lost in the moment, for it was quite cold outside. We simply received a blank stare and an awkward silence followed by accusations of being “one of them.” A few moments later, the tucked wonder slipped off into the night, never to be seen again.

I really wish I hadn’t been reminded of this memory…

Rebels are popping up like weeds!

B0000C8VU8.01.LZZZZZZZ.jpgIn the few short months since my purchase of a Canon EOS Digital Rebel, I’ve noticed that they’re popping up everywhere! I’ve seen them around at various events, but I counted about two dozen of them in use at the Boston BMW CCA Ice Race that took place on Sunday. Not only were spectators and professional photographers running around the course with them snapping photos, but competitors have started mounting them in and on their vehicles.

It appears that the sub-thousand dollar price tag and EOS lens compatibility has officially turned the Digital Rebel into the camera to own. Digital cameras have been around for years, but this past weekend was the first time I’ve ever seen such a high concentration of the exact same model being used by so many people! The coolest thing about it was that most of the photographers weren’t using the factory lens, which further proved that many of them probably already had existing EOS glass in their collection!