Looking for devices matching vendor ID=1193

If you disconnect your Canon CanonScan LiDE 80, 50, or 30 scanner, be prepared for thousands of logfile entries while the scanner driver searches the USB bus for the scanner.

Looking for devices matching vendor ID=1193 and product ID=8717
Looking for devices matching vendor ID=1193 and product ID=8718

Wonderful. Since I permanently deinstalled the scanner to replace it with an EPSON Perfection 2400, I ended up running the driver delete utility to nuke it from my system.

No more errors. Joy.

Update: Jon Rentzsch seems to agree that the LiDE sucks.

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  1. I was having the same problem with the LiDE but I dont have the disk so how can i deinstall the scanner?

  2. Bah. I get the error, too…. But i have a laptop, and don’t want to have the scanner connected all the time.

    Oh. And I have a Canon N6470U or something.

  3. I have a LiDE 20, and while the scanner is connected I get thousands of entries saying
    Looking for devices matching vendor ID=1193 and product ID=8718

    and when its not connected, i get the ones looking for product id 8717 too

  4. I found what programs generate each line:

    N124U_ButtonManager makes:
    Looking for devices matching vendor ID=1193 and product ID=8718

    and N067U_ButtonManager makes:
    Looking for devices matching vendor ID=1193 and product ID=8717

    You can find the ID of your scanner in the System Profiler, and stop these programs from launching automatically in the System Preferences (you should only launch the one that matches the ID of your scanner).
    If you normally don’t have your scanner connected, you may want to deactivate them both, and launch the correct one when you plug in your scanner (i know this is a bother, but what else can be done?)

  5. Thank you so much for your post. I have to use Console to debug a Carbon CFM plugin, and that damn log message was driving me crazy!

    Also, perfect title. Found it in Google first try, first link.

  6. Apparently I am not alone. Thank you all for telling me it was the scanner software looking for the scannner hardware. I made these go away (until my next reboot in a few months) by going to terminal, typing “top”, finding the process that matches the scannner, and typing kill and then the process ID. I forgot which they were. Sorry. I shot about four, including some Norton auto this and microsoft self that. I figure while I’m in there shooting gremlins, might as well flip it to full auto, eh? 🙂

  7. I thank you too!

    But not being yet much of a Terminal maven I couldn’t make the kill work. So I went to canonusa.com and downloaded their “Driver Uninstall” program (for the model that I *did* have installed), and that works.

  8. I too was getting the annoying “Looking for devices matching vendor” messages in my log. I fixed it using HexEdit.

    Download HexEdit from:

    Edit the following file:

    Do a search for “Looking for devices” within the file and replace the beginning of the string – the L – with a hex zero.

    The whole process is a bit more complicated because the file is open by default, so you have to make a copy, edit that, and replace the original file. Plus the file is inside the bundle so you have to choose “Show Package Contents” to actually get there.

    If I have some time off, I can write a small app or shell script to do this, but that’s not likely anytime in the immediate future.

    Good luck.

  9. thanks a lot for that hint.

    You can do it a little easier: you don’t have to copy and replace the file; instead you just open the process watcher and kill the processes N067U_ButtonManager and N124U_ButtonManager. Than start editing.

    Also check in the system settings, if there are multiple copies of these files and remove the copies from the startup list. I had 6 copies!!!

    🙂 Matthias

  10. I tried both solutions, but none worked:

    1) I removed both N124U_ButtonManager and N067U_ButtonManager from the login items, restarted, and then manually launched the N124U_ButtonManager (it’s ID matches my Lide20 scanner) and tried to scan with the CXanon Toolbox, but got an error telling me it couldn’t connect to the scanner. So I reinstalled everything.

    2) I edited the driver as described, replacing the “L” from “Looking for devices” in the N067U_Driver with “00”, using HexEdit, but after replacing the original with the edited driver and restarting, when trying to scan, I got an error saying the driver was either missing or damagedÂ…

  11. Thanks, you just solved my problem as well. You’d think Canon could do a little better job with its drivers.

  12. Another thank you for identifying the problem. On Mac OSX, searching for “ButtonManager” in Finder, using GetInfo for them, and sending the files related to Canoscan cures the repetition problem, and the Photoshop plugin for the scanner still works nicely with them gone.

  13. You don’t need to un-install anything. Just go to “system Preferences” and “accounts”. Then click the “login items” tab and remove the “N12 ….” and “N6… button manager”. These are not required to scan (at least from photoshop. But I believe are spposed to monitor the scanner for button presses (which most people don’t use anyway).

  14. First, THANK YOU for the post. I have a little more to contribute. visskiss is exactly right about disabling the ButtonManagers in Accounts/Startup Items (‘tho the location of the Startup Items may vary depending on your version of the Mac OS). Also, you can open the Activity Monitor (/Applications/Utilities/Activity Monitor in Mac OS 10.3, 10.4), search in the main window for processes with “button” and quit any processes with “…ButtonManager” in their name. This will disable those log-cloggin’ processes completely without a complete restart. It is VERY important to follow visskiss’ instructions, lest those pesky little things pop up again when you do restart.

  15. I have that message repeatedly, and yet I do not have, nor have I ever had any kind of scanner hooked up to my machine.


  16. Thanks! Got rid of the N067U stuff altogether as it’s not needed for my LiDE 30. Problem solved!

  17. Thank you! I love it when a search as cryptic as “Looking for devices matching vendor ID=1193 and product ID=8717” in google provides me with exactly, and only exactly the results I was looking for. Amazing, amazing.

  18. System preferences solution was great! No more console entries…. Anyone out there able to get the Image Capture utility on their imac core2 duo to recognize a lide 30?

  19. Thanks google for finding this site, and thanks blogger and all the prior comments. I just noticed that console log, and finding the answer here just makes it much faster for me to get rid of it.

    I think this was making something else crash, as it was always present when I was having problms with VLC… at any rate, it was draining away resources I want back!
    …creeps at canon…

  21. I’ve been using the Login Items solution to the Button manager problem, but with Intel Macs (10.4x and 10.5x) the process seems to persist even when the Button manager is removed from the Login Items. With the help of everyone’s comments in this list I’ve found yet ANOTHER method for zapping the Button Managers.

    1) Use Activity Monitor to quit the N067U_ButtonManager & N124U_ButtonManager processes.

    2) Go to Library/CFM Support and dump N067U_ButtonManager & N124U_ButtonManager in the trash.

    That should do the trick.

  22. My new MacBook Pro has a shed load of these errors in the console. It is very clumsy in accessing the web and keeps dropping Skype calls. I did use Migration Assistant to install the data from my old iMac on purchace. The iMac was bundled with Canon Lide scanner when i bought it – never could get the damn thing to work!

    I’ll dump these processes & see if things improve.


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