So how about that halftime show?

I absolutely refuse to mention anything about the cheesy “shocking” publicity stunt that pissed off CBS. It was an accident…honest! Yeah, whatever.

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  1. We usually watch the commercials and the half-time show. This year I was pissed at CBS, so we did neither. I MISSED THE TITTY SHOT! Argh.

    I’ll have to see it before I know whether I agree that it was intentional or not.

    About a minute ago I actually googled “Janet Jackson breast super bowl.” What have I become?!

  2. Ha, not really. The back of my brain said, “wow, boobie, she thinks she’s Britney now?” No one else even noticed. It wasn’t until I looked at the IRC chatter that I bothered to look up photos. Even then, I wasn’t impressed. I’m so desensitized…

  3. untill this morning, I hadn’t seen it. its blatant. When I went into work, and tried to tell the guys that I got the video to form an opinion, not one beleived me.

    so what if they were right. 🙂

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