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Network revamp: Linux with Windows

More and more corporations and small businesses are taking the Linux plunge these days, and for good reason. The low cost of Linux combined with an abundance of geeks who eat, sleep, and breathe UNIX has created a win-win situation for IT managers and geeks alike. Since it’s usually a younger junior systems administrator or “that kid from the design group who knows a lot about computers” who introduces Linux into the workplace, there’s already someone in-house to move into a full-time systems administration position with no training required.
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How to configure UNIX PINE for use with PGP

The concept for configuring PINE for use with PGP is simple. Newer versions of PINE allow external scripts, or filters, to be called when viewing or sending messages. By taking advantage of this, filters can be installed to automatically sign, encrypt, decrypt and check the signatures of both outgoing and incoming PGP-enhanced messages with minimal user interaction.
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Sean Hamor – Progress Report

Kindergarten Teacher: Wendy Jill Delisle


Sean feels extremely comfortable and at ease in school. He has a good rapport with the teachers. He plays well with the other children yet if he becomes involved with building and someone takes his materials or knocks it down, he will become very mad. At times, he will either scream, cry or even hit. Once he is spoken to, he settles down.

He usually shares well but again if he becomes very involved with something he can become very possessive. He plays quite well independently but also enjoys the company of others. His speech and vocabulary is superior He completely dresses himself.

Work Habits

Sean listens and follows directions very well. He needs to be pushed to do an art project. I don’t always try to have Sean do this type of work yet at times, I try my best to really encourage him. He always does work papers and usually does a good job. At times, he will hurry to finish his work which can create sloppy cutting and poor coloring yet once he is asked to do his best, he does a good job.

Sean’s attention span is good. He is a good participator in group situations yet he is not crazy over singing songs. Sean enjoys most anything in the room but he is crazy over making ships. Boats and building from the free form posts.


  • Recognizers all his colors.
  • Knows his shapes, circle, square, triangle.
  • Can draw shapes.
  • Can write name in full.
  • Can count to ten.
  • Can recognize numbers to ten.
  • Can count numbers one, four, six, seven, eight, ten.
  • Can say alphabet.
  • Can do one to one correspondence.
  • Can do sequencing, sorting and classifying.
  • Superb problem solving.
  • Handles scissors well – most always.
  • Handles paste, glue, crayons and paint well – decided against using a stick to paste with.

Sean is a nice boy. He is very quick and very bright. He has a true desire to learn! He should have much success in kindergarten.

Sean Hamor – Progress Report

Kindergarten Teacher: Wendy Jill Delisle


  • Relationship with peers and teachers – extremely good.
  • Plays so well with all the other children in the room.
  • Gets along well with both his peers and teachers.
  • Has a very easy-going temperment.
  • Shares well and is very accepting of any needed discipline.
  • Knows how to apologize if he is ever in error.
  • Has many friends.
  • Is a “leader”.
  • Very polite and extremely enthusiastic about all of his work.

Work Habits

  • Listens and follows directions very well.
  • Finishes all of his projects.
  • Attention span – has grown since September. Still needs more.
  • Developing but one must remember he is only three.


  • Aware of his body parts and senses.
  • Still unsure of his left and right sides.
  • Large and small muscles are developing nicely.
  • No problems at all with the tasks he is to perform.


  • Can write his name at times.
  • Can recognize triangle, circle and square shapes.
  • Can draw a circle.
  • Knows colors.
  • Can recognize numbers one through ten except three, five and eight.
  • Can recognize letters of the alphabet except J and Q.

Sean is a bright child. he is a joy to have in the room.