clay kitties

i had a dream about clay kitties last night . we didn ‘ t have enough kitties running around the house , so i made some out of clay . then i had to build a garage to keep them in because they were leaving stains all over the rug . the garage would have […]

My own private ISP

Setting up your own Internet service provider can sometimes be the only way to get satisfactory Internet access options. In case you should want to give it a try, here’s a case study: my own experience.

Network revamp: Linux with Windows

More and more corporations and small businesses are taking the Linux plunge these days, and for good reason. The low cost of Linux combined with an abundance of geeks who eat, sleep, and breathe UNIX has created a win-win situation for IT managers and geeks alike. Since it’s usually a younger junior systems administrator or […]

Sensory perception…

It’s odd. I’ve always had the ability to sense my surroundings. I have no idea why or how, but I always seem to know when there are people around me or when someone is focusing their attention on me. If there is someone sitting across the room that glances up at me, my attention is […]

How to configure UNIX PINE for use with PGP

The concept for configuring PINE for use with PGP is simple. Newer versions of PINE allow external scripts, or filters, to be called when viewing or sending messages. By taking advantage of this, filters can be installed to automatically sign, encrypt, decrypt and check the signatures of both outgoing and incoming PGP-enhanced messages with minimal […]

I am a true geek.

For a while, Netscape had an LED sign in one of their cubicle farms to allow visitors to push random quotes to the developers. In a display of my geekdom, I pushed this over to email to my girlfriend. It must have worked…she married me.


This January, 1995 my family and I had accounts at sites all over the world. I am currently a Systems Administrator of my own site on the West Coast of Florida with a private spool, T3 connection, and a beautiful JPEG of the bay. I will never have to crack again, and anyone can do […]

The “Me Too” FAQ

This FAQ is designed to educate, and hopefully change, the ways of certain contributors on various USENET newsgroups. These contributors add nothing of substantial content to USENET, and simply waste bandwidth with their ramblings. These contributors are “Me Too” message posters, and must be destroyed, be it by force or simple reasoning and communication.

Sean Hamor – Progress Report

Kindergarten Teacher: Wendy Jill Delisle Social Sean feels extremely comfortable and at ease in school. He has a good rapport with the teachers. He plays well with the other children yet if he becomes involved with building and someone takes his materials or knocks it down, he will become very mad. At times, he will […]