Sean Hamor – Progress Report

Kindergarten Teacher: Wendy Jill Delisle


  • Relationship with peers and teachers – extremely good.
  • Plays so well with all the other children in the room.
  • Gets along well with both his peers and teachers.
  • Has a very easy-going temperment.
  • Shares well and is very accepting of any needed discipline.
  • Knows how to apologize if he is ever in error.
  • Has many friends.
  • Is a “leader”.
  • Very polite and extremely enthusiastic about all of his work.

Work Habits

  • Listens and follows directions very well.
  • Finishes all of his projects.
  • Attention span – has grown since September. Still needs more.
  • Developing but one must remember he is only three.


  • Aware of his body parts and senses.
  • Still unsure of his left and right sides.
  • Large and small muscles are developing nicely.
  • No problems at all with the tasks he is to perform.


  • Can write his name at times.
  • Can recognize triangle, circle and square shapes.
  • Can draw a circle.
  • Knows colors.
  • Can recognize numbers one through ten except three, five and eight.
  • Can recognize letters of the alphabet except J and Q.

Sean is a bright child. he is a joy to have in the room.

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