People are a bunch of zoomtards!

Why is it that, for the most part, the more expensive a luxury car is the more of an asshole the driver is? For whatever unknown reason the town of Methuen, MA decided to shorten the green time on one of its primary lights to an excruciating five seconds. This, of course, caused traffic to back up all along both highway exits, the mall and all surrounding side streets. Result: people driving expensive luxury cars are fucking zoomtards.

Case 1: While getting off 213 at The Loop I made my way into the left lane to turn left onto Howe. Someone in a high end Lexus cut by me on the left over the double yellow and forced me into the middle (straight) lane.

Case 2: I figured I’d just go straight and cut through the parking lot at The Loop. Traffic was backed up there as well (single lane) and the following cars crossed over the double yellow and drove through oncoming traffic to try to cut back in at the last minute: Mercedes CLK, Mercedes AMG, Lexus and an Explorer.

Case 3: After fighting traffic and successfully turning onto Howe St., three or four cars blocked traffic even worse by trying to use the left turn lane to gain 30 seconds and cut back into the straight lane…effectively causing gridlock through the next three green lights.

Case 4: After finally getting to the last light of the intersection, some guy in a highly modified F350 attempted to intimidate me by blasting up the left turn lane and crossing over the double yellow into oncoming traffic while trying to cut in front of me. Luckily, I daily drive a beat to crap rally car and don’t care about my paint. With the assistance of first gear, lots of horns and a few hundred watts of forward facing spotlights I convinced the F350 driver that I really didn’t care if he hit me because his paint would be more expensive to fix than mine. He then proceeded to tailgate me to my destination as if I were the asshole.

People suck.

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