The gourmet $4.25 Atkins lunch…

This afternoon I figured I’d troll the frozen foods section for Atkins safe foods. Just about everything out there is either in the 30+ carb range or comes in a bulk sized bag (grilled chicken or fish) that requires a kitchen to prepare. To my surprise, I found some relatively inexpensive items in the seafood section that came in easily prepared single servings that could be nuked in the office microwave.

Lunch today consisted of Gorton’s Cajun Blackened Grilled Fillets (2 carbs) with a side of Frico smoked cheese (0 carbs) and a handful of sliced almonds (1 net carb). The fish was amazingly good for a frozen block. Although the cajun spices were a little tame the overall flavor was delicious, especially with the cheese and almonds as a side.

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