Ketones, loose skin and other nastiness…

I’ve been checking my ketone levels for the past couple days and I’m definitely in ketosis. My test strips have been bright pink after going back into induction as opposed to the light pink they were before. Speaking of which, I guess ketones and ketosis are out while lipids and lipolysis are in. I received my latest Atkins Direct catalog and found that the ketone test strips are now called Lipolysis Test Strips. Go figure. I wonder why the name change after New Diet Revolution went through so much trouble to hype ketones.

Also, it wasn’t until today that I was made aware of, and completely disturbed by, how much weight I’ve lost. I laid down on my Yoga mat to do my morning pushups and made the mistake of doing so without a shirt for the first time. When I looked down at my gut, instead of seeing the usual paunch of flab, I saw loose hanging skin. I have to say…not the best way to start the morning. But it was still motivation!

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