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Pulling the Karakoram out of storage

Since Operation Stop Being a Fatass 2.0 is progressing rather satisfactorily (down 15 pounds this month) I’ll be pulling my trusty 1992 GT Karakoram Full Rigid out of storage so I can give it a proper tuneup and start hitting the trails again. With the exception of racing my nephews up and down the cul-de-sac I haven’t gone riding since Summer of 2004 and the Karakoram desperately needs some TLC since it was ridden hard and put away wet without any end of season maintenance. I got fat and it started rusting.

So I’ve now committed myself financially to getting back behind the bars by picking up the supplies required to finally do a complete overhaul. A Park Tool PCS-10 Home Mechanic Repair Stand and Park Tool Work Tray will keep the bike firmly planted on the workbench while I tickle its naughty bits with a Park Tool AK-37 Advanced Mechanic Tool Kit, Finish Line Speed Degreaser, and Finish Line DRY Teflon Bicycle Chain Lube. My full automotive mechanic tool kit was missing many of the critical tools to properly maintain a bike so I needed the AK-37 kit to fill in the gaps.

Assuming I actually follow through, start riding again, and hit my initial goal weight of 240ish pounds by the end of the Summer I’ll definitely upgrade to a 2012 GT Karakoram 1.0 Hardtail 29er. No way I’m going to drop the coin to go full suspension unless I get under 200 pounds and am doing some serious miles. And if the wife wants to start riding as well then a 2012 GT Palomar Hardtail will probably be in her future.

Operation Stop Being a Fatass 2.0 is well underway

It’s been seven years since I mused about weight loss on this Blog. And in that seven years I’ve embarrassingly regained almost all the weight I so elatedly lost and enthusiastically wrote about. An unfortunate combination of work, stress, and a complete lack of healthful motivation turned those seven years into a crash course of unhinged weight gain.

I saw and felt it happening as I ballooned back up to a 46″ waist and had to dig out my cache of old 2XL geek and hacker t-shirts that had been packed away for nostalgic reasons. But even as I jumped up each size I just didn’t care. And on New Year’s Day of this year I weighed in at 308.6 pounds. Not quite the 330 pounds I weighed at my all-time high in 1998 but a Hell of a lot more than the 220ish pounds I weighed at my last health-related entry in 2004.

So Operation Stop Being a Fatass 1.0 ended in failure but Operation Stop Being a Fatass 2.0 is well underway thanks to some hardy motivation from my lovely wife since we’ve both vowed to get back into shape together. Since the beginning of January I’ve dropped 12.6 pounds and I’m down to 296 pounds. That may seem like a tiny victory but it’s a victory nonetheless.

The Hacker’s Diet is still my primary motivation and going back to Blogging about my fat ass will definitely help but I’ve also added some additional tools to my aresenal:

I need a Trailmonkey…

I hopped on the mountain bike last night and did a leisurely 8 miles in Winnekenni Park around Kenoza Lake. It was the first time I’d actually ridden up to the castle and, instead of just bombing back down the access road, I took Castle Trail back down to Dudley Porter Trail. There was quite a bit of washout and a few fallen logs on Castle Trail which turned it into a mildly technical run.

Instead of tackling the hill on Shore Trail, I dropped down to Plug Pond Trail which has quite a few rocks and exposed roots. I was caught out a few times because my tire pressures were too high, I lost traction on the larger uphill obstacles, and dropped my chain due to a poorly-adjusted front derailleur. Other than the few times my feet were forced to touch the ground, the trail was in great condition. Even the mudpit where the trail meets the lake was almost dry and easily navigable.

Merrill Trail, however, was much different than I remember from last year. Extremely tight and twisty, the trail had become an extremely overgrown singletrack with lots of blind corners. Bushes and branches hung into the trail from all sides giving a tunnelvision effect. It was also extremely dry hardpack, which led to some very high speeds weaving between trees and bushes. I came up on the bridge so fast I didn’t even have time to hop onto it; I just dove into the (luckily) dry stream bed and popped out the other side. A few fallen trees right at helmet level made the last 1/4 mile quite interesting.

Now that I know the conditions are dry, I’ll definitely load my pack up with my Digital Rebel and document the trail.

Liquid ecstacy?

If Poland Spring sparkling water is liquid crack, then Crystal Light is liquid ecstacy. Both are hopelessly addicting, but freshly-mixed Crystal Light has a warm and fuzzy tartness to it. One tub makes 2 quarts, so half a tub mixes perfectly in my 32 oz water bottle. And what do I mix it with? Ice cold Poland Spring spring water out of the office water cooler, of course! Twitch…


fat_ron.gifNews about the SUPER SIZE ME documentary has already made its rounds, so I won’t go into any verbose details. A movie trailer isn’t available yet, but quite a few promotional downloads are now available, including the Super Size Me “Full Length” and Super Size Me “Radio Edit” MP3s.

Incidentally, McDonald’s claims that the negative publicity caused by the film did not influence their decision to start their Eat Smart campaign or to discontinue the SuperSize menu.

Watch out for misleading labels…

Now that the Atkins Diet has more or less gone 100% mainstream, dozens of vendors are jumping on the low-carb bandwagon. Don’t get me wrong, I think this is a Good Thing, but quite a few companies are relying on their marketing department to design their labels and nutritional datasheets. Even tried and true respected companies that have been producting low-carb foods for years have started to modify their labeling and marketing technique.

For example, some products may tout “0 sugar carbs” in bold letters on the front of the package but only reveal in the fine print on the back that the product has a few grams of net carbs. Even worse is avertising low net carbs per serving on the front of the package and then revealing on the back of the package that one serving is rediculously small. Sure, companies have been doing this for years, but I’ve noticed an upwards trend over the past six months or so.

Either way, before purchasing any food item for a specialized diet, be sure to read the front, back, and fine print of the label to make sure it’s the appropriate product for your needs.

I’m such a cheat…

So I caved. I threw Atkins out the window for Thanksgiving and totally hogged out. Turkey, stuffing, pie, ice cream, the works. But whatever…I’m down to a 38-inch waist and fit into clothes I either haven’t been able to wear for 10 years or have never been able to wear! Besides…you need to cheat every once in a great while so you don’t cave in and succumb to daily temptation! By basically gorging myself silly yesterday I reminded myself of what it felt like to eat that much food…and I really didn’t like it all that much.

So I’m back on induction today…joy of joys.