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I guess the Low Carb Hackers article featuring yours truly finally came out because my servers are getting totally slammed. Luckily, it’s a bandwidth bottleneck and not a server bottleneck. Unfortunately, Katharine linked directly to my Eat Watch page instead of my blog, but no worries.

Anyway, I feel almost guilty that you’re reading my site this week. Work has been quite hectic with a beta software release the past two weeks and I haven’t had a chance to regularly update the site. Ohwell…enjoy! Feel free to browse around!

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  1. Obviously, yours truly is no hacker. I watched the ad at salon twice before I realized the reason I couldn’t get in was that I didn’t have cookies enabled for that site. DOH!

    Big congrats.

  2. hmm, i just found this link on /., but judging by the amounts of comments here, not many others have gone this way, huh? anyway. don’t. don’t do the atkins diet. it will make you lose huge amounts of weight, because your body is basically getting sick.

    if you want to lose weight, there’s really only one ‘good’ recipe: eat no animal products. they are so crammed full of calories and protein, that you can’t help overeating (in terms of calory intake) if you just eat enough to fill up. vegetables on the other hand are balanced better, so it’s entirely possible to eat a big meal without overeating too badly. look into vegan diets, if you will.

    secondly, take a tiny bit of exercise. like cycling to work, or walking (depends on the distance involved, of course). that’s all it really needs.

  3. The above post is stupid. Leave it to a vegan to use your site (which demonstates both weight loss and that you exercise) to tell you that you are doing it all WRONG.

    Anyway, nice site, though it is really oddly configured and seems disjointed. But I assume it was not originally designed for the masses or particularly non-techy types.

    I am 320 pounds myself, about to embark on a diet, but not particularl low carb. More of a number game…having devised 3 meals I love to eat, can eat in quantity, and stay under 1000-1300 calories. (3 different rotated meals, one meal a day, plus cereal and fruit and banana bread). To the extent though that I can shave off carbs, I do.

    Good luck with your efforts. However, I did see a picture of you at around 300 pounds, with some attractive leggy gal wrapped around you. I thought, “how is he pulling that off at 300 pounds”. Or was it the wife? Cause I can only assume that you would now be getting, like supermodels!

    Again, nice orginal site.

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