Stop using Internet Explorer!

I’ve always said that Internet Explorer sucks and should be destroyed, but now it’s official. After last week’s latest security vunlerability, the Department of Homeland Security’s US Computer Emergency Readiness Team has recommended that users stop using Internet Explorer and switch to another browser with less security problems. Mozilla immediately felt the impact of the announcement as downloads of their free Firefox browser increased.

I wonder if Microsoft will finally get the hint…

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  2. Well not only does Internet Explorer have security less effective than a guard-dog poodle on sedatives, but there is also something fundamentally wrong with the way it interprets code. My website,, does not work properly on Internet Explorer (in fact, it’s totally demented on IEcplorer), while it works perfectly well in Firefox. Try it for yoursevles. And yet W3C seem to deem my website entirely correctly coded, so it’s not my error. I just think that people should wake up and DOWNLOAD MOZILLA! Internet Explorer is the most crap thing I have ever ever used.

  3. ok why does it suck on w98 its plain and grey its got errors on some compys i can see why it can suck since microsoft spends to much time on the xbox and not on actuly makin something worth while

  4. Someone tell this guy he’s a stupid fuck and should be shot. He lick’s Bill’s pussy and writes “Don’t switch to FF”.

    Such a fool! Comment on his blog now saying he’s retarded and another one of Bill’s marketing slaves.

    Firefox Rules!

  5. I can’t beleive Bill Gates can be this much of a stupid ass. With all these shoddy computer products, how does he make money? I deleted my desktop icons for IE and almost uninstalled IE on my computer. Every day, I get adware and spyware just because I have IE. It just keeps on coming back, and I have to scan my PC everyday. IE is BS.

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