Round 7: Spammer vs. Barracuda…FIGHT!

Just in case you’ve been keeping track, this is the seventh time a Spammer has forged one of the domains under my control as the return address of their Spam run. The first time it happened I felt shocked, angered, and betrayed. After I lost count of the incidents on my left hand and had […]

naymz allows you to control your online identity

naymz, a new online identity service, claims to allow you to control your online identity. The premise is that search engines may still be linking to incorrect, outdated, or embarrassing data. naymz allows you to create a profile that is “guaranteed” to be at the top of search engine results to help prospective employers and […]

Add more Courier-IMAP connections under Plesk

By default, UNIX-based servers running Plesk and the Courier-IMAP e-mail server drastically limit the number of inbound connections to prevent users from opening up too many concurrent sessions. Unfortunately, this artificially-low restriction can impact legitimate users who have multiple computers connecting to the Courier-IMAP server from behind a firewall or a single computer that runs […]

August RedHat Enterprise fixes break Plesk DNS

The most recent batch of RedHat Enterprise (RHEL) fixes rolled out this past week break DNS (bind) on servers running Plesk. My Plesk 7.5.4 installation was effected as well as many other Plesk 7.x and 8.x users. The problem appears to be with a conflict between RedHat’s bind-chroot RPM and Plesk’s chroot system. When the […]

Pepper Pad: A simple-to-use multimedia computer

The Pepper Pad is a multimedia device that doesn’t quite fit an existing category. Yet its premise is appealing: A product that performs many of the functions of a conventional computer, but that’s much easier to use. read more | digg story

Pepper Pad Version 2.1.1 Update

Pepper Computer has released Version 2.1.1 Update for the Pepper Pad and its companion Pepper Desktop for Windows. read more | digg story

MRTG cronjob retardedness

I’m running a combination of IOG and MRTG to keep track of network traffic and ran into a little bit of MRTG cronjob retardedness. In my haste to get MRTG up and running I forgot that it’s enabled by default on RedHat Enterprise Server even if you haven’t configured it yet. So, when I manually […] and Courier IMAP: The message could not be saved

Mac OS X doesn’t properly work out of the box when connecting to a Courier IMAP (Plesk) mail server. If Mailbox Behaviors is configured to save Drafts, Sent, Junk, or Trash on the server then will constantly report the error The message could not be saved. Quite annoying and, in the case of […]