Pepper Pad in the Globe Again

20040206-031-PepperPad_Group-DWC100_02We’re in the news again! As a followup to his previous article, Scott Kirsner featured the Pepper Pad in his @Large column in today’s Boston Globe. The article confirms the availability of the Pepper Pad later this year for between $600 and $700 with a price break once we go into high-volume production.

I can’t possibly express how excited I am to see this device coming to market. Not only do we have an absolutely amazing development and design team backing us, but everyone in the company has been given the opportunity to make suggestions for bells and whistles, and give their input on both the industrial design and the mechanical design.

So the Pepper Pad is being built for everyone from geeks like me to the parents of the founders of the company! Talk about the ultimate utilitarian appliance!

Update (12:55 PM): With today being the start of the DNC, our Boston Globe coverage couldn’t have been better timed! I’m sure hardcopy edition readership will be up today, and our Web server has already reported a noticeable increase in traffic.

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