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Gym sickness?

It appears that I’ve acquired some new horrible disease from the local gym…hopefully it’s one of those quietly annoying twenty-four hour things. I’m always quite anal when it comes to washing myself thoroughly after touching any surface where nude sweaty men prance around but it seems that a few microbes have definitely made their way through my defensive line. I believe the technical term for how I feel is bleagunh.

I called out sick from work today for the first (or maybe second) time ever. The current job is so cool that I’m usually one to just suck it up and deal but, quite frankly, I’d rather have biological disposal facilities within short range today. Although the bathrooms at work are a mere jaunt down the hall there’s all that unnecessary fiddling with things like doors that I don’t need to deal with within the confines of my own abode.

Our office building is inhabited by freaks…

It seems that someone in our office building has an extremely odd sense of humor or they are seriously disturbed. Every once in a while the stall in the bathroom has dozens of little balled up pieces of toilet paper piled up in the corner. Each wad has been meticulously rolled up to be uniform in shape and hurled across the stall into the corner to form a little pile.

Sometimes, instead of a random pile, geometric shapes are formed on the floor. And, occasionally, a plastic sandwich bag is filled with hundreds of these little paper balls and tied to the toilet paper dispenser. Needless to say, I’m kind of freaked out. We’re talking Twilight Zone freaky.

Man charged after firing paintballs at house

This happened almost two years ago when we first moved into the house. I found the newspaper clipping kicking around so I figured I’d type it up for prosperity.

HAVERHILL — A 27-year-old man was charged with intimidating a witness yesterday after he fired paintballs at the home of a woman involved in a court case against him, police said.

Officers Ronald C. Hilchey and Michael Rogers found several splashes of orange paint on the side of the Union Street home and recovered the paintball gun from the alley off nearby Franklin Street, said Officer Lawrence R. Newman, who is filling in as the department’s spokesman.

Police arrested Shane Fisher, 70 Franklin St. Investigators said this is not the first time Mr. Fisher has caused problems fro the 43-year-old woman.

“This has been an ongoing case for a while, with damage and threads made against the victim,” Officer Newman said.

The incident happened about 1 a.m.

Sweet…HEPA replacements…

Amazing…Amazon actually has Honeywell 22500 replacement HEPA filters. I haven’t been able to find the filters locally and my current filter has been limping along for over three years now. Right now it’s quite…yucky.

Hopefully a new filter will help keep the cat hair and dust down in my computer room. While doing some reading I found out that replacing the carbon prefilter quite often and vacuuming it will extend the life of the more expensive HEPA filter.

Brownouts suck.

So all of the UPS boxes in my office were firing randomly all night. Plugging a voltmeter into the outlet revealed consistent drops under 112 VAC every minute or two so I called Mass Electric to report the problem. After blaming my internal wiring the incredibly chipper CSR agreed to dispatch a tech. A few minutes later, a Mass Electric service van rolled up, he plugged a voltmeter into my box, said “235 VAC/118 VAC, perfectly within spec” and left. He couldn’t have had the meter plugged in for more than three seconds. When I stopped him and said that we had well over a hundred brownouts, he said he’d “let them know” and drove off.

Bastards. The lot of them.

[email protected] has been terminated.

I got responses back from systems administrators at and The user account that was being used for the fake [email protected] Web page has been shut down by and the open script that was being used to send the email was terminated by

What’s really a shame is that [email protected] sounds like a legitimate email account (and a cool one at that)…so this kid probably used his personal email address to launch the attack. Another assclown bites it.

More AOL password theft…

I was hit by a spam attack this morning and received around 350 emails over the course of 12 hours. The attacker was [email protected] and he used a Yahoo! bouncer to forward people to a fake [email protected] page. After deconstructing his email and Web page, I sent analysis to abuse, webmaster and security accounts at all the services he used (,, and The only provider that has not responded yet is (their “tech support” phone number consisted of a consumer answering machine).

Yahoo! has terminated this user and I don’t know what other action has been taken.