Gym sickness?

It appears that I’ve acquired some new horrible disease from the local gym…hopefully it’s one of those quietly annoying twenty-four hour things. I’m always quite anal when it comes to washing myself thoroughly after touching any surface where nude sweaty men prance around but it seems that a few microbes have definitely made their way through my defensive line. I believe the technical term for how I feel is bleagunh.

I called out sick from work today for the first (or maybe second) time ever. The current job is so cool that I’m usually one to just suck it up and deal but, quite frankly, I’d rather have biological disposal facilities within short range today. Although the bathrooms at work are a mere jaunt down the hall there’s all that unnecessary fiddling with things like doors that I don’t need to deal with within the confines of my own abode.

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  1. The whole problem with working out and sweating is the release of toxins from fat cells. PCB’s and assorted other contaminants are stored in the fat cells of animals. If you ever see someone who eats alot of curry or garlic or oil and vinegar and they sweat, the glands are actually releasing some of those elements. The same goes for toxins….fat cells burn up and the junk from them are released through among other things, sweating.

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