Panther – Synchronize Problems

I narrowed down the problem where kept freezing while checking all of my IMAP folders. If “Automatically synchronize changed mailboxes” is checked and multiple IMAP folders are being synchronized at the same time, seems to freeze for an extended period of time. The only way to recover seems to be to force quit, delete cached mailboxes, restart and hope for the best. Since unchecking the synchronize box I haven’t had a problem on either my Powerbook G4 or or MDD G4.

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  1. Googled my way here. I just had some serious slowdowns downloading some images from my slow IMAP server…beachball for several minutes, but it eventually snapped out of it… might be a similar problem.

  2. Somebody ought to kick Apple on the Mail thing. It’s just not the reliable app it once (in Jaguar) was.

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