Dimensional Spam Generator

Brian McWilliams has written another article spotlighting Robert Todino after his most recent round of alleged spam attacks. Multiple sites were maliciously forged in this set of emails and, according to Brian, this seems to be a retaliatory strike against multiple authors who were reporting on Robert or the time travel spam. I was hit in the crossfire when I received over 450,000 bounce messages due to Robert forging inertramblings.com in the return address of his most recent batch of spams.

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  1. Robert Todino is also likely a victim in this incident. It is my understanding that he is ill (according to his father), and believes in time travel. It is likely that he suffers from schizophrenia. Individuals with this disorder are very unlikely to discuss this type of thing because they believe someone is “out to get them”. Also, scam artist often use a “cut away”, someone that the people caught in the scam can blame, that also has no obvious connection to the perpetrator of the scam. The idea is that if the mark has someone to blame they will quit looking and you get away. Given that the WEB site quickeasysolution.com is a scam… you get the idea.

    Dokken Wokken

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