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Soynilla Hot Cereal

KETO-M4075.jpg I ran across a great breakfast/dessert this evening while I was craving something sweet. Take Keto Old Fashioned Hot Cereal and, instead of plain water, prepare with 1 part low carb vanilla soy milk to 1 part water. It’s surprisingly sweet and satisfying! I’m absolutely addicted to the Blueberry and Strawberry, and this evening was the first time I’d tried the Old Fashioned.

I’ve been warned about letting the cereal cool off, however. Apparently, it turns into a solid concrete that can be used as a floor sealer and tile grout. Talk about healthy eating through creative chemical ingestion!

Freeform eating…

Breakfast was quite simple. Two fried eggs with a side of toasted low carb bread smothered in soy nut butter and Keto Strawberry Fruit Spread. Since the soy nut butter is truly an acquired taste, I sweetened a cup of it with 4 or 5 tablespoons of Splenda Granular. It now has the same consistency as natural peanut butter and is a sweet acquired taste.

I’m still not really sure if I actually like it or not. The taste and consistency on my tongue is kind of like a car wreck…everybody looks and is disgusted, but no one can turn away!

Dinner was also quite plain…3 chicken hot dogs with mustard, a hamburger with buffalo sauce, and a small salad with Caesar dressing.


Weight: 221.4
Body Fat: 29.1%

Since my Eat Watch software is broken due to Palm OS sync compatibility issues after upgrading my Mac OS X machines from Jaguar to Panther, I’ll be starting to update the blog with my weigh-ins. It’s probably for the better anyway because I’ve gotten e-mails from people asking me how I can run a diet Web site and not post my weight. Those people just weren’t digging through the site hard enough but, if someone can’t find something, that tells me that my site navigation is lacking somehow.

On a side note, I mentioned on Saturday that I’ve been a bad monkey and was stuffing myself with low-carb goodies because I was so hungry all day. Ditto for Sunday…I couldn’t keep enough food and water in my system to make me feel full.

Well, I’m down 0.8 pounds since Friday. High metabolism what?