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    Phase: Induction

  • 4 hot dogs
  • 1 hamburger
  • Steak tips

I was a bad monkey. Well, calorie-wise, not carb-wise. I’m at a LAN party and, throughout the evening, just kind of snacked on whatever random miscellanea was pulled off the grill. The odd thing was that, no matter how much I ate, I was still starving. The scale will tell the tale over the next few days as I compare weight and body fat percentage.


    Phase: Induction

  • Handful peanuts
  • Water: 32 oz.

I’ve found that eating a small breakfast combined with waiting until later in the afternoon for lunch drastically speeds up my metabolism. I’m essentially munching all day instead of having two or three large meals. Unfortunately, I sometimes don’t have the time or remember to update the blog with every single thing that goes into my mouth.