Freeform eating…

Breakfast was quite simple. Two fried eggs with a side of toasted low carb bread smothered in soy nut butter and Keto Strawberry Fruit Spread. Since the soy nut butter is truly an acquired taste, I sweetened a cup of it with 4 or 5 tablespoons of Splenda Granular. It now has the same consistency as natural peanut butter and is a sweet acquired taste.

I’m still not really sure if I actually like it or not. The taste and consistency on my tongue is kind of like a car wreck…everybody looks and is disgusted, but no one can turn away!

Dinner was also quite plain…3 chicken hot dogs with mustard, a hamburger with buffalo sauce, and a small salad with Caesar dressing.

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  1. wow – i’m inspired. Found you by searching for low carb geek 🙂 I just saw an old entry from when you were at 270 (which is about where i’m at) and now i see you’re down around 220! Congrats!

    i’d like to try it too, but don’t know how to count carbs, and i don’t think i’m near any low-carb food stores (i’m volunteering as a programmer in Croatia for 6 months, but am from toronto)


    keep it up dude, you’re almost where you want to be!


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