clay kitties

i had a dream about clay kitties last night . we didn ‘ t have enough kitties running around the house , so i made some out of clay . then i had to build a garage to keep them in because they were leaving stains all over the rug . the garage would have taken up too much space , but i built it on the dead part of the lawn out back with all the rocks . the kitties liked the garage , but not as much as the house . we felt bad about having to keep the clay kitties out in the garage , but that ‘ s just how it goes sometimes . then one of the kitties got out of the garage and ran around . it wasn ‘ t clay anymore . it was a real kitty but it was blue . the other clay kitties were still brown and clay and didn ‘ t like the new blue real kitty . they were jealous . they wanted to be blue , too . so the rest of the clay kitties went running around looking for blue things . they romped through kelly ‘ s flower garden and ate all the blue flowers , but that just turned them green . now the blue kitty wanted to be green but there were no blue flowers left so the real blue kitty was sad . sad real blue kitties aren ‘ t much fun so i tried to cheer him up . i gave him a big hug but that just made my arms blue . so i took all the kitties and rubbed them all together . now i had blue and green happy clay kitties and a blue and green happy real kitty .