out of business?

It appears that (aka Hugebee) has disappeared off the face of the planet even though their Web site is still taking orders and charging credit cards. Brian and I originally used them a year and a half ago to purchase Athlon 2400+ workstations at an amazing price so they immediately came to mind when it came time to purchase a Dual Xeon server for our compile farm. Unfortunately, they charged my corporate Amex almost two weeks ago, my server hasn’t shown up yet, their phones are all RNA or disconnected, and their BBB Report tells an interesting story.

“On September 24, 2004, we verified that most listed telephone numbers for this company are disconnected, or are no longer in service. The company’s website is no longer functional. We believe this company is out of business.”

So be it. I contested the charges, filed a BBB report on them, and ordered a 1U Dual Xeon instead.

Pepper Pad 2 Linux Web Pad

Pepper Computer debuted their $800 Pepper Pad 2 at DEMOmobile 2004 this week. Specs include a 624 MHz XScale processor, 8.4″ 800×600 TFT touchscreen, 802.11b+g, and 20 GB HDD running MontaVista Linux CEE. Out of the box the Pepper Pad 2 loads the Pepper Keeper as its GUI, but a full-blown Linux distribution with Java 2 JRE and X-Window System is sitting under the covers just waiting be customized. I personally can’t wait to get a hold of one of these to turn into an OBD-II and telemetry workstation for the rally car.

Pepper Pad 2 Debuts

Pepper Pad 2

Isn’t she a beauty? She’s what I’ve been slaving over for the past two weeks. She’s the reason I put in a full work week’s worth of hours over Labor Day weekend. She’s why I didn’t sleep last night. We launched this morning at 7:00 AM and are officially announcing the Pepper Pad 2 at DEMOmobile 2004 today. I could go on, but I’m rather tired and think I’ll curl up under my desk and die now.