Down 100 pounds!

Although it’s taken me over five years to lose a total of 100 pounds from my highest weight of 330 pounds, the last 70 pounds were lost quite rapidly over the past 6 months! This is my first major milestone and, luckily, I only have 30 pounds to go before I reach my ultimate goal weight. I’m sure I’ll probably keep losing once I reach my goal weight but I’ll probably move into the maintenance phase of Atkins.

Forget Your Subway Diet!

Maybe I’m just utterly bitter because I haven’t been able to enjoy a good Subway sub for quite a while, but I find this photo completely hilarious! Seriously, though, Jared has been an incredible inspiration for quite a few of us. I have to admit that, the first time I saw the Jared ad, I was quite impressed. After reading the article about Jared’s weight loss that was photocopied and posted at the local Subway I did some research and found out some more information. Shortly thereafter, Jared’s ads started showing up on TV displaying his progress.

I had always been a Subway fan and that just gave me more of an excuse to fold it into my meal plan. On my first weight loss stint with Weight Watchers I had Subway almost every day and that helped me drop around 30 pounds. Unfortunately, I slacked off about three years ago and stopped losing weight. Now, with Atkins, I’m down another 65 pounds. The meal planning is so much easier, but I’m dying for a 12″ turkey on hearty italian with lettuce, onions, pickles, black olives, jalapeños, american cheese, oil, vinegar and oregano!