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Operating Fifteen – Part I – Streaks

“Do you think they’ll come back?”

Bright streaks of orange and blue flashed South across the afternoon sky illuminating the base camp in deep, contrasted hues. Crackling could be heard as the dry air was torn apart, violently giving way to the objects. Things had drastically quieted down in the past forty minutes as the flashes slowed down from hundreds per minute to only one or two every few seconds.
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I am disturbed.

So does the man realize that he is afraid? How many times will the thoughts pound through his mind before denial evaporates and fear takes over. For that fear drives him and it is dangerous when drive is not understood. This is the way of his path. This is the path of his pain. This is the pain of his way.

Does your stomach respect you?

Thousands of takeout mothers swarm in their sport utility vehicles each day. Children laugh and play as pound after pound of greasy sludge is ingested. Standing in line for sub par food is a daily occurrence as the media brainwashed gleefully purchase the value meal that they are hopelessly loyal to. Convenience is the prime of worth and automaton blandness is a goldmine.

Where are my shoes?

Things change. They always do. For as sure as the night sky glistens with infinite points of light, I will look back at myself and realize that I have not become what I had expected. For that is not a bad thing, only the sweet realization of reality. And now, encapsulated within this reality, I wish to escape to a road less beaten.

clay kitties

i had a dream about clay kitties last night . we didn ‘ t have enough kitties running around the house , so i made some out of clay . then i had to build a garage to keep them in because they were leaving stains all over the rug . the garage would have taken up too much space , but i built it on the dead part of the lawn out back with all the rocks . the kitties liked the garage , but not as much as the house . we felt bad about having to keep the clay kitties out in the garage , but that ‘ s just how it goes sometimes . then one of the kitties got out of the garage and ran around . it wasn ‘ t clay anymore . it was a real kitty but it was blue . the other clay kitties were still brown and clay and didn ‘ t like the new blue real kitty . they were jealous . they wanted to be blue , too . so the rest of the clay kitties went running around looking for blue things . they romped through kelly ‘ s flower garden and ate all the blue flowers , but that just turned them green . now the blue kitty wanted to be green but there were no blue flowers left so the real blue kitty was sad . sad real blue kitties aren ‘ t much fun so i tried to cheer him up . i gave him a big hug but that just made my arms blue . so i took all the kitties and rubbed them all together . now i had blue and green happy clay kitties and a blue and green happy real kitty .