They do more than just protect you…

One of my co-workers called me over to his desk this afternoon to show me an e-mail thread that had been bouncing around between a few of his family members. It went something like this:

Original E-mail:

Save those old phone bills!

If you can’t access those articles for some reason, you can Google phone tax Spanish and get several articles that tell about the decision to end the 108-year-old tax that had been implemented to help pay for the Spanish-American war.

Bottom line – you may be able to get refunds on taxes paid. 3% – may be worth it to you. I don’t know how much hassle will be involved.

According to the USA Today article, you can file for refunds back to 3/1/03 (2003, not 1903).

Response #1:

Crap! I just shredded all of those.

Response #2:

Call up NSA – they should have the records [VBG]

Werd. I love the Internet.