Welcome Salon.com Readers

I guess the Low Carb Hackers article featuring yours truly finally came out because my servers are getting totally slammed. Luckily, it’s a bandwidth bottleneck and not a server bottleneck. Unfortunately, Katharine linked directly to my Eat Watch page instead of my blog, but no worries.

Anyway, I feel almost guilty that you’re reading my site this week. Work has been quite hectic with a beta software release the past two weeks and I haven’t had a chance to regularly update the site. Ohwell…enjoy! Feel free to browse around!

Panther – Mail.app ate itself…

After upgrading from Jaguar to Panther, Mail.app ate itself. Every time the client started it froze on a reading mailbox dialog box, no menus were clickable and mail wasn’t being synced. Removing all of my IMAP accounts and rebuilding all of them solved the problem.

No biggie…a small annoyance. But that’s why I rely on IMAP. All my mail is tucked away safe and sound on the server with the tape backup instead of my volatile desktop and notebook systems.

Scratch that…checked the logfiles…

OK, I lied. I just checked the logfiles and the bounces have stopped trickling in because the spam is no longer being sent with admin accounts as return addresses. Random From: headers are now being generated and we’re way past the 350,000 bounce mark…I just haven’t been seeing the actual email. Go figure.

On a side note, I stopped by 8 Albert St. this evening and spoke with Jim Todino and his “friend”. Both claim to have never heard of Robert. I’ll hash through the crap later.

The floodgates have closed…

The email floodgates have finally closed and the stream of bounce messages has dribbled to a slow trickle. 36 hours after the initial email, my mail server has finally gotten a breather. The damage? 3500 bounced emails for around 5000 invalid email addresses. Update: Completely incorrect…I just stopped getting bounces. Checking the logfiles reveals 390,000+ invalid addresses.

I’m not really sure what pisses me off more…the fact that Robert forged my mail servers to send spam or the fact that Robert forged my servers to send spam. Let me elaborate…

Ever since I got the first Dimensional Warp Generator email a few years ago, I’ve thought that the author was pretty cool. A few fries short of a Happy Meal, but cool. I guess you could say that I was a fan…so much so that I actually started reporting on the Dimensional Warp Generator.

But now I feel almost betrayed by Robert. He forged my domain to send out spam for anti-spam software. He subjected me to thousands of bounced email messages. He subjected me to hundreds of actual people sending me email flaming me and calling me an asshole because they assumed that I was the actual sender. He subjected me to a low scale denial of service attack as someone tried (and failed) to take my servers offline.

And he’s not returning my calls or emails.

The result of Robert’s actions don’t really bother me. My servers are stable. I’m thick-skinned and flames roll right off. My mail filters took care of the bounces and saved each and every one of them into an evidence folder. My logfiles were backed up and, again, moved to an forensics quarantine (both for Robert and whoever DOSed me).

But it still bothers me that Robert chose my domain. Feh.

4 Oak St. in Woburn doesn’t exist…

No big surprise here. After the time traveler pissed me off by sending out spam with inertramblings.com in the return address, I checked out the alleged mailing address from his whois info. Figures…4 Oak St. doesn’t exist in Woburn. Oak St. starts at five and goes up from there.

So, either Robert really lives in Woburn but just not at 4 Oak St., or all the reporters got it wrong and incorrectly listed Woburn as his town because it’s in his whois info. Ohwell…I have four possible phone numbers for Robert in the area so I’ll start digging.

Originally I was a fan of Robert because I was vaguely amused by the whole Dimensional Warp Generator thing. Now that I have around a thousand bounced emails sitting in my inbox he’s really pissed me off.