Wi-Fi regulatory domains are a pain

Managing multiple facilities across multiple continents can be a pain especially when Wi-Fi is involved. Different regions use different frequencies depending on regulatory domain. And, depending on your hardware vendor, compliant hardware could be backordered. In my case, the Cisco Aironet 1140 Series Access Point (AIR-AP1142N-T-K9 802.11a/g/n Standalone AP; Int Ant; Taiwan C) is backordered by […]

Pulling the Karakoram out of storage

Since Operation Stop Being a Fatass 2.0 is progressing rather satisfactorily (down 15 pounds this month) I’ll be pulling my trusty 1992 GT Karakoram Full Rigid out of storage so I can give it a proper tuneup and start hitting the trails again. With the exception of racing my nephews up and down the cul-de-sac I haven’t […]

Operation Stop Being a Fatass 2.0 is well underway

It’s been seven years since I mused about weight loss on this Blog. And in that seven years I’ve embarrassingly regained almost all the weight I so elatedly lost and enthusiastically wrote about. An unfortunate combination of work, stress, and a complete lack of healthful motivation turned those seven years into a crash course of unhinged […]

HP Mini 1000 and 110 batteries on sale

For you mobile geeks out there HP Home currently has 3-cell batteries for the HP Mini 1000 and 110 on sale for 60% off as well as a $15-off coupon you can use (ACY93421). No idea how long this is going to last. HP 3-cell Battery for Mini 110 Series (BX03) (NY221AA#UUF) HP 3-cell Primary […]

How to murder a Blog

Short of a server going down, one of the quickest and most effective ways for a Blog to die is for it to drop out of search engines. Sure, you might have a ton of repeat visitors, but no search ranking means no new visitors because, well, no one can find you. What a blinding […]

Upgrading Polycom firmware

If you have a mixed bag of Polycom kit in your office, be sure to check out the VoIP SIP Software Release Matrix to check on compatible versions. In our case, I chose SIP version 3.1.3RevC since it’s compatible with both the IP 430 and the IP 4000. I’ll probably bump up to SIP version […]

Creating DOS floppies and USB thumbdrives for BIOS flashing

MS-DOS or another DOS derivative is still required for flashing the BIOS on some desktops, servers, notebooks, and mobile devices. These tools automate the creation of boot floppies and USB thumbdrives instead of fighting with tools like MKBT (Make Bootable). Required Tools Unofficial MS-DOS 6.22 boot floppy Official Dell 32 Bit Diagnostics version CW1337A0 17-Jul-2008

links for 2007-03-07

Universal Photographic Digital Imaging Guidelines – UPDIG (tags: photography reference) Adobe Lightroom Killer Tips (tags: photography lightroom reference design) Adobe Labs – Lightroom Keyboard Shortcuts (tags: photography lightroom shortcuts reference) O’Reilly — Managing Digital Images: Applying Ratings and Keywords (tags: photography reference workflow)