Cablemodems: They’re fast, but are they safe?

I originally wrote this article in October, 1996 and it was published in issue 14.2 of 2600 Magazine: The Hacker Quarterly. Due to the incredible amount of email I’ve received regarding this article, let me state that I realize that the risks outlined within are basic network-related problems, but I’m just trying to open the eyes of end users and ISPs still using outdated cablemodem equipment. If you want, you can jump right to the sniffer information.
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clay kitties

i had a dream about clay kitties last night . we didn ‘ t have enough kitties running around the house , so i made some out of clay . then i had to build a garage to keep them in because they were leaving stains all over the rug . the garage would have taken up too much space , but i built it on the dead part of the lawn out back with all the rocks . the kitties liked the garage , but not as much as the house . we felt bad about having to keep the clay kitties out in the garage , but that ‘ s just how it goes sometimes . then one of the kitties got out of the garage and ran around . it wasn ‘ t clay anymore . it was a real kitty but it was blue . the other clay kitties were still brown and clay and didn ‘ t like the new blue real kitty . they were jealous . they wanted to be blue , too . so the rest of the clay kitties went running around looking for blue things . they romped through kelly ‘ s flower garden and ate all the blue flowers , but that just turned them green . now the blue kitty wanted to be green but there were no blue flowers left so the real blue kitty was sad . sad real blue kitties aren ‘ t much fun so i tried to cheer him up . i gave him a big hug but that just made my arms blue . so i took all the kitties and rubbed them all together . now i had blue and green happy clay kitties and a blue and green happy real kitty .

Network revamp: Linux with Windows

More and more corporations and small businesses are taking the Linux plunge these days, and for good reason. The low cost of Linux combined with an abundance of geeks who eat, sleep, and breathe UNIX has created a win-win situation for IT managers and geeks alike. Since it’s usually a younger junior systems administrator or “that kid from the design group who knows a lot about computers” who introduces Linux into the workplace, there’s already someone in-house to move into a full-time systems administration position with no training required.
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How to configure UNIX PINE for use with PGP

The concept for configuring PINE for use with PGP is simple. Newer versions of PINE allow external scripts, or filters, to be called when viewing or sending messages. By taking advantage of this, filters can be installed to automatically sign, encrypt, decrypt and check the signatures of both outgoing and incoming PGP-enhanced messages with minimal user interaction.
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