Xenadrine-EFX, day three…

It’s all good!

All of the strange side effects that I experienced over the first two days have almost completely subsided. No more dry mouth or extreme thirst. I’m no longer lightheaded. No more sleep deprivation caffeine-like high. My body feels like it’s more or less back to normal with the exception that I now have a lot more energy and still have a slight floaty feeling. And, most importantly, no more nausea (I took the Xenadrine-EFX about 30 minutes after eating this morning).

I did have trouble getting to sleep again last night. It always takes me a while to get to sleep, but the past few nights have taken longer than normal. Quite a few other people reported insomnia as a side effect for the first week or so. Overall, it doesn’t bother me that much because I still wake up completely rested and ready to attack the day.

I crave sushi…

I’m not a big sushi person but, since taking the Xenadrine-EFX, I’ve been craving spicy tuna rolls and tamago. I had to pick up more lunchstuff for work today so I checked out the sushi counter. $3.99 for a spicy tuna roll meal…you can’t beat that! Not only did it satisfy my cravings, but the 8 small spicy tuna rolls completely filled me up! If you’re not familiar with sushi, 8 small rolls is about the same amount of food as a small Lean Cuisine frozen meal.

More weight loss…

I’m down to 275 this morning. Goal of 200 with a milestone at 250.

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  1. I took xenadrine efx for 4 days and have been off for a week and a half and I still have side effects. I had extreme tingling in my left leg and then in my hands and I do know there are others with similar side effects. I have been told it could take up to a year to fully recover. These side effects are scary and not worth a few pounds.

  2. I have taken Xenadrine RFA-1 ON AND OFF for 2 years and ended up commiting a suicide, which i was hospitalized in ICU Cardio due to showing amphetaimine like substance(XENADRINE) in my CBC, MY pulse was upto 170-180’s. I was very lucky for not having a cardiac arrest. Xenadrine is just like speed or x my DR.advised that plays with your neurotransmitters makes you release lots of dopamaine and serotonin levels go to peak. It almost cost me my life as, when i skip a pill i was getting depressed and agitated, agrevated. When i took one rfa1 i was like as if i am high, every thing look pink and i talk like a crack head and feel tired when i come down from it. This is my experience of RFA1. I bought the efx and try to take one a day as i weigh 125. God knows it is a ritual and i am scared. Today is my second day after 2 years back to xenadrine i guess. The truth is i have researched the ingredients for 20 hours and when they all get together, they play with your brain receptors and you feel pressure in your head or like a light head, it makes you release dopamaine and makes you really nervous jittery . My vision is weird i see like as if i am on e or something time to time. Some chest pain, arm ache or shoulder ache due to high circulation and heart pumping faster cause there is no ephedrine but there is his cousin sephinephrine which mimics ephedrine and puts the same pressure on your heart and etc. I might just give it up after 4-5 days cause it really supresses your appetite and makes you feel high. (not sure if i like that weird unknown feeling)Shortly . But i think day by day you feel less symtoms as you get hooked or something also i have pressure in my head at all times. IT MIGHT NOT WORTH TO BE A LAB RAT AFTER ALL, CAUSE THEY REALLY DO NOT TELL US MUCH WITH LONG TERM DAMAGES ETC JUST LIKE THE RFA …UNTIL SOMEONE DIES OF IT. By the way some girl already had seizures from it, only 24…good luck…

  3. Yesterday I’ve taken my first dose of xenadrine efx(the full four capsules), and had an incereeeeeedibel high. I’ve found myself wandering the streets at night walking my dog 5 miles, had an incredible urge to consume energy and thought i’d die if I just stood still… I’t was strange and nice at the same time. thus, I had a little insomnia also, went to sleep an hour, or two past my normal bedtime. after all that running around in the city, including my morning exercise session, I felt a little nauseous in the evening. but, still, that could have been anything…
    that’s me trying to seem optimistic

  4. I took xenadrine EFX about 2 years ago for approx. 3 months. While i was in a cardio class my heart started beating really fast …. then i started getting cold sweats. I left the class and collasped on the floor. A trainer came over picked me up and brought me into the office. All i remember was coming in and out of conscinous and the trainer saying that he couldnt find my heart beat. That was the scariest thing that ever happened to me…. i almost died for a few pounds…so not worth it! I woud really be careful with this stuff… i took the reccomended dosage!

  5. I took the regular doses yesterday, felt terrible, so today I took one pill before exercising. I broke into a cold sweat and felt very nauseaus.
    I am stll feeling it almost 8 hours later.
    I think I am gonna do this au natural.

  6. First day on Xenadrine EFX. Gotta say ive not had this much energy in a while… sorta feel like i have ADHD… haha My body has felt a little warm today like im having a constant adrenoline rush… Nothing bad other than that… Wasnt so munchy today, kinda feels like it will work at this rate… im a cardiology therapist… pulse is normal… BP is normal… should be good to go.

  7. Yesterday was my first day on Xenadrine EFX. I only took 1 pill just to be safe. I am planning on taking 2 today and then staying with 2 a day for a while. So far I have experienced headaches, but that is pretty usual for me. Just to remind everyone, the directions say to take each dose with 8 ounces of water. Some of the side effects people experience may be because they are not taking the recommended amount of water. Dehydation could be causing the side effects that people believe is from the Xenadrine.

  8. I started taking Xenadrine 8 hour this morning. I took the recommended dosage and felt nauseous, dizzey, light headed, my face felt numb and my chest ached all day. It’s now been 15 hours later and not much has changed. I drank an 8 ounce glass of water this morning with dosage and continued with water all day long. I’ve had the other Xenadrines and they were fine but somehow this type is as spooky as taking Liqua Thin diet drops that I tried years ago (they were an ephedra product) that made me feel like a hyped up junkie although I lost all the weight and more than I planned at the time, I nearly over dosed on accident and had the same side effects as this product. I don’t know if it’s really worth the scare.

  9. I’ve been taking Xenadrine EFX for 2 months and I’ve seen significant body fat loss. My waist, hips, bust, thighs and arms have shrunk between 2-4 inches. I run 30 minutes a day and eat a lot healthier. I’ve lost a total of 23lbs so far and I just need 20-30 more lbs to go!

  10. aya,-how much did you weigh before?your story is very inspiring.i just got my x-efx and hope that my results are as good as yours.please respond when you can.also-to all else,WATER IS ALWAYS THE MAIN KEY-DON’T FORGET IT ALONG WITH EVERYTHING!

  11. I have been taking Xenadrine for about a week now.Also while going to the gym everyday and doing weight training and atleast 30 minutes of cardio.I also watch what i eat. and only have been drinking water for the past week. LOTS of water i might add. also i go in the sauna at the gym for atleast 10 minutes. 180 degrees F. this helps u lose all the water weight.Swimming is also a great exercise and fun too!!Even when i’m home i walk my dog for about half an hour each night,and dance to sum fast music.I Am seeing signifigant results..after about a week i lost about 4-5 pounds using the techniques i listed above.I’m going to keep going with this and see what other results i can get out of this.I will keep updating!!!!Hope this was helpful!!

  12. the point is to consume water
    some take the pill and do not do nothig extra
    kind off like a drug use
    u have to consume water
    i experienced same side effects but those came by not eating at all
    no drinking nothing and leaving mu self to exaust
    i was really scared but i do have to admitt that now im more aware..also u dont have to drink cafeine drinks or cofee.its very risky……good luck

  13. Hi, i writing from Mexico, it was 8 years ago or so when I first tried Xenadrine, that formula had a derivated from Ephedrine, I remember I lost close to 25 punds with just 1 bottle, after a few years I gained the wight again, I got to confess that it was due to my bad eating habbits and lack of exercise.

    I tried again to use Xenadrine a few years before, and I noticed no good results, very poor weight loss and my temper became very agressive. my wife and my kids could not stand me, so I quit using it.

    Now I decides againg to get back on the track, started to eat healthy, exercise for about 1 hour a day, and lost about 13 punds in 1 month, I bought Xenadrine again to speed up the weight loss, I certainly feel like i had turbo in my system. I am councious of the personality alterations it produces so I try to control it.

    I have a doubt, this new bottle I bought says in the label to take only one pill a day,and not exeed that dose. but I am looking everywhere in the net and every place says max dose 4 pills a day, as It said in the old bottles I had. is there any change in the formula?

  14. I started xen-rfa that i bought at my local wal-mart this morning. I only took one pill because of all the awful side effects that i read here on this site.. the only side effects i have had all day is exstreme thirst which made me drink tons of water. and what happens when you drink alot of water? you run to the bathroom 50 times a day!!!i think it is more of a diuretic more than any thing.

  15. I’ve been taking xeriadrine RFA-X for four days now… I took two pills a day for the first three days, today I’m trying three. I bought mine from GNC. My bottle recommends taking 3 pills 2x a day after 8th day of taking pills… do not exceed 6 pills in a day…

    The first day I took it I was extreeeemely hyper, couldn’t sit still, ran four miles and ran up 200 stairs five times… during the work out I felt like my heart was beating harder then normal, but not at an alarming rate… it was a little difficult to fall asleep (but I am very sensitive to any type of caffeine or sugars)

    The next day I did a spin class at the gym and didn’t get tired at all… I work out six times a week and try to eat as healthy as possible. The pills haven’t necessarily suppressed my appetite, but I have noticed I am unable to eat as much in one meal… very small portions, or I get very nauseous… I drink mass amounts of water all day.

    The only side affect I’ve experienced would be nausea, which I’m hoping will go away soon… I will weigh myself on Monday to see if I have different results then my regular workout routine without the pills… last week (no pills) I lost two pounds… I will post an update next week with my weight loss…

  16. My sister just commited suicide. She was perfectly normal. I think she started taking Xenadrine RFA this year . Don’t know how long. She started acting wierd , exercising like a maniac, losing weight rapidly and then she took her life. I believe the Xenadrine somehow contributed. Anyone out there with similar story?

  17. I got a pack of 3 as a sample after I bought some Whey Protein from Bodybuilding. I took one, my chest and lungs hurt, and my arms and legs are really sore now for some reason. I have 3 fans on right now, and I’m sweating like I’m in the middle of a marathon! I have two left, but their going in the trash as soon as I’m off the computer. I’m a teen body builder, and I don’t care how much I want my eight pack, Its NOT WORTH IT!

  18. I am glad to hear that Xenadrine is actually working for you. I also used it before and it worked for me. Although some people may say that it may be bad for you. My experience with it is actually better than with other products. I really promote it and it is great.

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