Atkins for Life

Kelly came home with a copy of Atkins for Life the other night and I’ve started flipping through it. I’ll definitely read it from cover to cover at some point, but it’s written as a reference manual to help configure a lifestyle change to maintain weight that’s already been lost.

It is possible to start the Atkins Diet using this book, however the information is presented in such a way that makes it difficult. In order to take full advantage of the Atkins Diet it’s recommended that you purchase New Diet Revolution as well. Since I had a borrowed copy, I’ll be picking up Dr. Atkins’ Three-Book Package which includes New Diet Revolution, New Diet Cookbook and New Carbohydrate Gram Counter.

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  1. Awesome post

    There’s nothing like being healthy. In today’s era of fastfood, we really need toworkout more often and throw off our unhealthy diet habits. It’s not difficult. You only have to stick to a workout program and keep going until you reach your objectives.

    Thank you for sharing this with your readers.

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