I’m off the Xenadrine-EFX…

I’ve decided to stop taking the Xenadrine-EFX since I no longer feel that it is really doing anything. When I first started taking it as a supplement I found that I had more energy and I didn’t feel so run down. Now that I’ve lost quite a bit of weight I seem to have just as much energy on weekends where I’ve forgotten to take it as when I first started using it. Also, one of the other reasons I relied on it was because it was a psychological crutch to help convince me that I could lose weight.

Centrum Performance, however, has become a staple in my diet. I have proven to myself that ginseng and ginkgo both keep my mind clear and provide energy so it only makes sense to take a multivitamin that includes both! Since I’m eliminating the Xenadrine-EFX, I’ll now be taking the Centrum twice per day instead of my previous once per day.

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