Is a six mile traffic jam worth a quarter?

In the woods of Pennsylvania there is a route commonly known as 209. Every once in a while, this route mysteriously splits into 209 and 209 business to separate the local traffic from the through traffic. And, at each of these forks, is usually a traffic light that creates a fairly long pileup as drivers jockey for position. More often than not the wait is only a few minutes to fight through the light and traverse unimpeded.

Unfortunately, there is a flea market at one of these splits and various extremely unskilled drivers routinely block traffic in an attempt to force their way into the general direction they’d prefer to be traveling. This, of course, creates quite a delay.

And, since there’s a long delay anyway, why not create an even longer delay by setting up cones in the middle of the road and soliciting for spare change? Fire departments, boy scout troops, girl scouts selling cookies, some random guy trying to raise the funds for his operation, etc. The list goes on and the traffic jam gets longer.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I have no problems soliciting for donations in a location where someone has to make a conscious decision to go and make the donation. But, is a six mile traffic jam really worth a quarter?

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