Information on accident involving Mark Lovell and Roger Freeman

Mark Lovell and Roger Freeman

Due to the sheer number of search engine requests coming in on the accident involving Lovell and Freeman, here are links to my previous entires:

Google News is the authority for tracking down additional news items.

Here are some photos taken shortly before the incident:

If you’ve come here looking for photos and video of the crash, you’ve come to the wrong place. The sheer number of people searching for footage of a rally fatality completely blows my mind.

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  1. Maybe everyone’s just trying to better understand how the impact managed to kill both crew members. The more information we can get about what happened, the better we can improve safety equipment and standards in the future. Would a Hans device have made a difference? Was the cause of death foreign object intrusion? With out even basic information we’ve no idea were to look for solutions.

    It’s not a dark thrill of the macabre that drives everyone. Bad news can be used for good too.

  2. I agree with sean.. I am still trying to understand what happened. Everywhere i looked had the same vague information; they hit a tree while cornering at 80+MPH and ended up in a ditch. But i always assumed all the safety equipment they had were enough.. If the roll cage, racing seats, harnesses, helmets, etc. didn’t keep this tragedy from happening, what would?

  3. Hey everybody Stateside,
    i was a mechanic for mark lovell back in 1989 in the uk . i ust got back from Spain an hour ago , and my ‘inbox’ was full of e-mails from drivers and mechanics alike who wanted to pass on the news……I’M DEVASTATED !! Mark was such a nice guy, even when things went wrong in service , he still spoke to you with respect.
    R.I.P Mate.

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