The right tool for the job…

It has been said to always use the right tool for the job. Sometimes what seems to be the right tool for the job, in actuality, is not. I just spent the last two hours fighting with a compressor and an automotive spray gun trying to prime our exercise room with Gripper. Logic would dictate that a spray gun is a spray gun and, since acrylic Gripper is a liquid of the same approximate consistency as acrylic automotive paint, things would be all fine and dandy. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

Spray guns running at 60 PSI should make short work of priming a room. Half and hour to an hour per coat at the most for a 12 foot by 15 foot area (walls and ceiling). My spray gun, however, decided that it would be neat to limit itself to an inch wide pattern no matter how much pressure was pushed through it. A thinner bath did no good and there are no splatters so I know it’s not clogged. The Gripper is just too damn thick.

Looks like I’ll be making a Home Depot run tomorrow for either a new nozzle or a pile of conventional paint rollers.

Please excuse any misspellings or horrible typos. Since my keyboard is having a grand old time running away from me right now I have come to the conclusion that my respirator needs new filters as I seem to be completely intoxicated on paint fumes.

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