Hurts so much…looks so good!

One does not truly appreciate the mechanical advantage of the hammer after repeatedly forcing two pounds of nails into a floor. Do you know how many 1.5″ underlayment nails are in two pounds? In layman’s terms, it roughly works out to a metric fuckton. Banging on the floor was amusing for the first hour…after that, however, the novelty quickly wore off and the task at hand got quite monotonous. But the deed is done and, hopefully, I’ll never have to do it again.

Next comes the joyous task of laying the linoleum sheeting. And, if you’re wondering about the wallpaper, this is the wife’s new project room!

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  1. Banging things really hard has an immense theraputic value. Based on your pictures, you appear to be very well organized with nails at regular mathematically-pleasing intervals. (I am deeply envious as could never do this; the best I’d end up with was a smiley face or other subliminal message.)

    By the way, I think a metric fuckton is roughly 2.287 english fucktons. 🙂

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