So where are the edible undies?

Playtex is Yummy! A few weeks ago I started seeing commercials for the Playtex Thank Goodness it Fits line of bras. My initial reaction to the ad campaign was that of the typical caveman…boobies. Now, a few weeks later, I’ve noticed that the ads are being almost politically correct. Instead of A and a half it’s almost B. Almost C instead of B and a half.

I guess actually using half in the product name would imply that the customer’s breasts are too small. Now, instead, Playtex is implying that the customer’s breasts are almost good enough. Oh well, no worries, I don’t require a man bra for my breasticles so I’m not directly effected by the ad campaign. Perhaps a female (Kelly? Debbie?) could give me a better opinion on the subject?

Also, in my quest for the eye candy to attach to this post, I discovered that Playtex is owned by Sara Lee. I’d dive into a long-winded rant about a pastry company using incredibly sexy unobtanium to promote their lingerie but, instead, I’ll simply ask the obvious question. Where are the edible undies?

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