The Snap Server 2200 isn’t worth the plastic it’s housed in…

Our Snap Server 2200 has failed for the third time in 12 months resulting in total data loss. The first time was due to a software hiccup where the disk lost its drive configuration. The second and third times were due to physical disk failure. Since the disk was configured for RAID0 (striping), a single disk failure meant total data loss. I was aware of this while configuring it so it didn’t come as a big shock…although three failures in 12 months is rather surprising for the self-proclaimed global leader in network storage systems.

That’s why the appliance was being used as a dumping grounds for crap that wasn’t mission critical but was nice to have around like installers, old data snapshots, random tarballs that had already been dumped to tape or CD, etc. Since the system had already failed previously, it was no longer trusted and treated as such: a gyroscopic paperweight.

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  2. 3 years later than the original post here and the 2200 is still a POS. 6 monthsold and 2 times down. Not trustworthy. My boat needs an additional anchor though.

  3. Werd to that, Sid. Surprisingly, the Snap server hasn’t failed again since my original post. Go figure. Of course, now that I’ve replied to your comment, it will. 😉

  4. Call me another snap victim… Mine is making bizarre grinding noises– the sound of the unhappiest hard drive in the world.

    I used RAID 1 mirrored storage, which for a while kept the data available, but somehow in my attempt to copy off the contents of the server I missed some important files… Now I think somehow the second drive has gone down too– I keep getting “no disk found” errors when I try to start up.

    Man, I hate this thing.

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