Scratch that…checked the logfiles…

OK, I lied. I just checked the logfiles and the bounces have stopped trickling in because the spam is no longer being sent with admin accounts as return addresses. Random From: headers are now being generated and we’re way past the 350,000 bounce mark…I just haven’t been seeing the actual email. Go figure.

On a side note, I stopped by 8 Albert St. this evening and spoke with Jim Todino and his “friend”. Both claim to have never heard of Robert. I’ll hash through the crap later.

7 thoughts on “Scratch that…checked the logfiles…”

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  3. I’m definitely going to keep my eye on your site to see how this all works out. Someone illegally selling prescriptions drugs spammed my domain about 2 weeks ago, but apparently their mailing list was more up to date because I only got 100 or so bounce messages.

    I hate spammers. Spammers ares slime. They are causing people to block MY domain for no valid reason! Grrrr

  4. You best not be talking shit about my boy James Todino. His name is very well known. And he dont like people talking shit, about him or his family. Got it.
    Dont make the C/Ks come your way, essay!

  5. i am going to find you all and when i do i am going to unleash the dark powers of satan on all of you.
    i am subservient to the dark king and defying me defies and angers the dark king.
    lucifer will rise in my name.
    do not use my former name or i will find you and unleash fury.

    me and my family are off limits, WATCHERS! i know about you. i know about everything. satan will have his revenge

  6. The watchers are closing in on me because of this evil website. The blood will be on your hand. The watchers will come for you, too. Remove my name or I will cast evil magicks and summon evil demons to disrupt your energies.

    I am here to clear my name. The time shift agents are watching. I am a free man. You are a slave to reality. I will rise again! I will begin my reign if retribution. Repent!

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