Before and After Photos…

I just realized that I haven’t posted any real before and after photos of my progress. The first photo on the left is an image taken last Summer where I was over 310 pounds. I’m around 250 pounds in the second photo after starting mountain biking again back in April.

This one is around 230 pounds when I was running press at Maine Forest Pro Rally this Summer. Unfortunately, I don’t have any real recent photos…I really should start updating my blog regularly with photos.

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  2. Hey man, just wanted to say congrats, excellent work. I’m in the same boat as you, I was about 340 lbs 13 months ago and now I’m down to about 195 (I’m short, 5’8″.) Keep up the good work and keep at it, you look alot better! Personally I’ve noticed that throwing away my oversized clothing helps me know if i’m screwing up at all without ever havin to look at a scale ;).

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