The thought plickens…

I got a call today regarding Robert…and I’ll just leave it at that until I get some more information. Grin.

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  1. Teaser? I have no idea what you’re talking about! But seriously, I so want to say something but can’t. To let out any information would compromise a situation. Hrm…now I sound like the conspiracy theorist!

  2. Come on Sean, post something!! Make it up! We don’t care… What am I supposed to do tonight? Joe Millionare is not on and I’m tired of watching the O’Reilly Factor on FOX News.


  3. You so want to say somthing but cant because you were threatened, wernt you? Sombody called you and told you things about Robert and his actions to come. And gave you a threat like the below?

    They tried to make you beleive that assisting Robert would be highly toxic to a future timeline. And According to penal code 157A-Uniform Continuum Justice-paragraph 27b said you would be punished if you opened your mouth and then said any information you provide about Roberts
    future actions will lead to the removal of your pre-cellular fetal
    growth, and thus your current existence, so you are strictly barred from
    posting any details here.

  4. Mike,

    Amusing theory, but no. I only wish it could have been that exciting! I was consulted by interested parties regarding information about Robert as well as server log file forensics. Beyond that, I won’t go into any details.

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