I’m a closet gamer…

And I’ve been outed! There’s a reason I don’t own a Playstation 2 or a Windows PC capable of actually playing the latest breed of 3D multiplayer games. I’d get absolutely lost in them. I’d get addicted to them. I wouldn’t leave the house. Or bathe. Or go to work.

I’m at a LAN party right now, but I showed up a little late. The party started Friday at 6:00 PM and I didn’t show up until Saturday at 8:00 PM or so. It’s now Sunday morning, 9:00 AM, and I just woke up. I’m up bright and early with a refreshing three hours of sleep in me. I’m the only one awake; everyone else is still comatose and passed out on miscellaneous beds and couches around the house. At least, the lucky ones are. The latecomers got the carpet with their sweatshirts for pillows.

Sometime between 6:00 AM and now the local Battlefield 1942 server went down and I’m unable to get connected to it. Deacon was kind enough to let me take over his machine to play and, since I can’t get back to sleep, I figured I’d get some practice in on the game. It’s the first time I’ve ever played it and it’s fantastically addicting.

Either way, since the wife has one of her girlfriends over, I may be here for a while getting the gaming thing out of my system.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, it’s time to go sit back down and become a zombie…

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  1. Hi. I’m Debbie, and I’m addicted to gaming.

    The reason my posts have been sporadic lately is that I’ve rediscovered Everquest.

    Michael and I both play. We still manage to bathe, but we have no social lives. If you can get the wife addicted with you, it’s all good. Of course, you’ll ignore your kids, unless you can get them addicted too. Yours might be a little young, though.

    My daughter had an EQ account until she completely lost interest in it to our great dismay. We had to cancel it, and boy were we bitter that she wanted to do crazy stuff like play outside and have friends.

  2. “The latecomers got the carpet with their sweatshirts for pillows.”

    *raises hand*


    damn good time. never played BF1942 before. very cool game. so when you getting a windows PC 😀 ?


  3. Ah yes, I often lose my fiance to Battlefield (although lately he’s been onto Call of Duty). Good thing I have my own gaming addictions to keep me entertained.

  4. I’m not a gamer, but I too lost myself inside the grand expanses of BF1942. I loooved it. So much so that I joined a clan and practised on tuesdays, so that we could play against other teams on thursdays. If you ever have the chance to play it with a headset so that you can voicechat with your teammates — do it! It turns gaming into a new type of monkey! Alas, since I’m overseas for the time being, there is no broadband to be had, and my PC is back in Toronto 🙁

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