Five AM blur…

Take your picture. Right now. Submit to your 5:00 AM stupor for all the world to see. Wipe the encrusted sleepers from your eyes, do your best to focus, fire a self-portrait, and share with the rest of the class!

Who knows? What you end up with might just be art! it might be crap. I haven’t decided what mine is yet. I’d say art, but I chopped off my chin. Therefore, it’s artsy crap. But crap is the basis of genius. And I’m full of it…

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  1. Sean,

    This is going to saound wierd but I was surfing and fell into your trunkmonkey site and as I was clicking through your massive amount of content i saw a pic of you and my jaw dropped. You look like you could be my twin.

    I need to see a few more pics of you and I will send you a few of mine.

    This prob sound pretty gay but i’m not gay at all. It’s only that I do know that I have a few siblings out there that I’ve never met. How crazy would that be.

    Your no relation to a Donald Lile by any chance?

    I’m serious, Beard and all.

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