We have bats in our belfry!

Have you ever been sitting around, unable to sleep late at night, and gotten the Bad Feeling in the pit of your stomach? You know the feeling. Somewhere in between the freaky kid in the corner is staring at me and the teacher just saw me throw that spitball. I turned down the music and heard an absolutely frightening chattering. And meowing. And the occasional scrape and flutter. And meowing. Then silence. Silence is never a Good Thing!

I wandered out of the computer room only to be immediately buzzed by a bat! Three kitties were tracking its every movement, and it was circling at the top of the stairs! I called Kelly in with a strange incoherent babble that showed obvious distress and confusion over exactly how to vocalize what I was experiencing. We both stared in amazement for a few minutes before I realized that I happened to be holding my Canon EOS Rebel Xs.

Unfortunately, I had the Quantary telephoto which was way too slow for the conditions. I ran downstairs, grabbed the Elph, and started shooting stills and video! After the little guy started to tire out and got close enough to the floor for Willow to smack down, I remembered Kelly’s pond net sitting outside, grabbed it, and went all Steve Irwin! I utilized the genuine Croc Hunter Net Flop technique to safeguard our little friend in an impromptu pocket, transferred him to a fishtank, then brought him outside to his freedom!

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  1. Wow!

    I’d comment further, but I’m too zonked to make much sense, and I’d probably just ramble on and on about nothing in much the same way that I’m attempting to explain not my wanting to be long-winded.

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